Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Way Back Wednesday In Memory Of...

Another abbreviated post for this "Way Back Wednesday" as I get ready to tear out of town..this is the tribute I made for Jonathan. 

This came out a little busier than I anticipated (a lot of text - I should have made some of the pictures bigger, like the palm trees, etc), but I hope they love it. 

I had in mind  two pictures I wanted to include with my cousin Jon, but one of them is up in Utah from when he was 8 and I can't get it until I go up there. 

Therefore, I was going through pictures from 2001 when my grandmother passed away, and I found this one (below) of Jon holding Mikelle. He was 17, though he looked so much younger! And Mikelle was 6 months. I forgot about this picture and I was glad to come upon it!
February 2001 - Jon and Mikelle
February 2001 - Evertsen Extended Family
And this is the family picture (above) I had in mind that I was looking for. This was after Grandma's funeral and it's the group shot that contains everyone, with the exception of kids that weren't born yet and anyone's future spouse that wasn't met yet. 

Grandpa is sitting in the middle. He passed away in 2005. 

Jonathan is second from the right in the front. He's between my sister Kariann and myself. My hand is on his shoulder. I thought it was Kariann's hand at first, but then I remembered I had trouble balancing and I needed his shoulder...haha..... 

Mikelle is being held by my sister Rebecca who is above and behind Jon.  Chris is behind my Uncle Ted's head (kind of right of center towards the top). You can see Chris's fluffy dark head of hair back there.

Again, moving off the subject, I just finished this artwork that was commissioned by a returned customer for a young lady's birthday present who is also fortunate enough to be a Taurus like Yours Truly. I hope she loves it! 

Some personal information has been blurred for privacy.

Catch ya on the flip-side!

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