Friday, April 11, 2014

Finding Motivation, Inspiration and Flashback Friday

Finding Motivation
Motivation has not been my friend lately. I think it's due to the increase in temperatures outside. Then again, I look around at what I've accomplished in just the last week and I realize I have crossed a lot off the list. 

It just doesn't feel like it. 

Our office was a huge problem. My cousin Ashlee came over a week ago and just having her here gave me enough motivation to get moving on it. It still needs work, but it looks the best it has in a long time. 

And even though Chris doesn't understand my logic, getting rid of our bulky brown desk was very necessary. I feel like that desk was likened to a huge clog in a pipe. Once that yucky guck was unclogged, it's amazing how productivity and motivation flowed.

I'd take a picture of our office (that I am finally not embarrassed to have others see!) to show how pretty it looks now, but there is one shelf that has a lot of computer stuff that has to be dealt with.
This is the case with the more, I say! NO MORE!

Therefore, I'm not ready yet to show the progress of what was once called "the room of death". Other than that area with the computer junk, it's looking quite sweet. 

I also packed two boxes in the office too. I guess that means the "moving" process has begun, despite the slow speed. 

I do have a lot of snapshots and photographs to organize. Why have I been putting it off? You know how difficult it is to organize photos when they're from years and years and you see things and start remembering?  

Oh, look how cute she was!... 

Oh my gosh, I totally forgot about this!... 
Seriously, I can't believe I wore that!... What was I thinking? ... 

This is too funny, I have to show 'so and so'! 

Know what I mean? Therefore, I'm not exactly sure how and when that can be tackled. But it has to
Oh, I would LOVE to see a sight like this! It will be SOON!
be done. Even though our move is to a temporary rental before our house is done being built, I am not transferring one mess just to cause a mess somewhere else. Nope.

The bad news in all this progress is we won't be selling our current house yet. The market has improved, yes, but it's not quite "there" yet to be able to sell the house for what we owe. 

Therefore, it looks like we'll get to be landlords. Yippee.

 It's not official yet, but it's looking that way. 


Finding Inspiration
Yesterday I pulled away from constant cleaning and organizing to have the treat of drawing in my solitary peace in the air conditioned car with this view (right). The picture does not do it justice. I do love the Papago Park area of the Phoenix/Tempe/Scottsdale area. It's right there with the zoo and Botanical gardens.  Sadly, the warm to hot part of the year is kicking in, so it's harder to enjoy these locales.

October will arrive eventually. 

Last weekend I completed this below custom order, to commemorate a 12th wedding anniversary. I do love the custom commissions - even though they take more time, it's time well spent (and that's what I'm working on in the Papago Park picture above). These projects also provide me the opportunity to know my subjects better and explore different themes. 
Flashback Friday
Apparently, according to numerous Facebook posts, yesterday was Sibling Day. I posted this picture of my brother Chad and I from 1978. I was 3 and he was 1. The picture below that is Chris and his three older sisters. I can see all three of my kids in just that one shot of Chris. Of course Alexander looks so much like him, but so does Christian, if you see Christian's toddler pictures. And even though Mikelle has my blonde hair (I think that's my natural, she has so much Chris in her. Just looking at all three kids around age 2-3, you see so much of what is seen below with Chris!


Before I knew it was Sibling Day yesterday, I posted this montage of Mikelle for Throwback Thursday from when she turned 7.
August 2007
I do have another custom order in addition to the one I'm working on. Therefore, time to get back to it. And keep organizing and making progress around here. Slowly.

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