Friday, April 25, 2014

Flashback Friday Easter Firsts and Etc...

My heart is heavy today, as my cousin Jon (my Mom's side of the family) is in a coma due to low sodium levels and may not make it. I am praying and I know so many others are as well. 

He's too young to leave us.  Please pray for a happy update to this.

Anyway, I mentioned I would post Easter Pictures for Throwback Thursday, Flashback Friday or Way-back Wednesday. Well, it's Friday, so here they are.  So first, each of the kiddos first Easters. Then I have to enjoy the walk down Memory Lane with other Easter shots of my beeebeees!

Mikelle's first Easter was in 2001 when she was 8 months old.
Mom and Mikelle - Easter Weekend - 2001 Look at her CHEEKS!
Easter Morning 2001 - Big blue eyes!
Christian was brand new for his first Easter in April 2004.  Just three weeks old!
Christian's first Easter! About 3 weeks old! Oh, I miss how tiny my babies were! Mikelle is 3 1/2 (and looks so much like Alexander!)
Alexander's First Easter - 4 Months - April 2011
 I love this next one. This was a rare Easter that we were able to spend with family, since most everyone abandoned us - er, I mean, moved away from us. I mean, moved away

My sister Rebecca and her family were in town because sadly, our grandmother had passed away. However, it was also during Easter. This Easter Sunday picture is priceless. Is there any more perfect way to show joy and love between cousins on such a special day? 
Christian 3, Garon 2, Mikelle 6 1/2, Brisa 5 months

On that note of Easter love and perfection, here are the kids and Chris Easter 2012:

Okay, it wasn't that bad. This was just a few minutes before or after that.
Easter 2012...X-Man 13-14 Months, Christian 8, Mikelle 11 1/2
And sometimes the stars align and the perfect pictures do exist. I am grateful for the "imperfect" pictures too. It shows true personalities and reality. It would be boring if every picture was perfect.

But this picture is perfect and definitely not boring:
Easter 2011 (Alexander's first) age 4 months. Mikelle 10 1/2, Christian 7
Easter Season April 2011 - 4 months. Mikelle 10 1/2, Christian 7
And from 2009:
Easter Season 2009
This is one of my favorites. Christian is 2. Mikelle is 5 1/2

Christian is 4. Mikelle is 7 1/2. I LOVE her pink skirt! Oh, I miss the days back when I could dress her up... :sigh:

Okay, enough of that. There are other pictures, but it's been Easter Flashback overload. I am a picture junkie. I am aware of that. 

There's really no appropriate way to transition into the Monopoly cell phone piece saga from earlier this week, so I'll just dive right into it. 

Yesterday, almost 48 hours after the initial ingestion, the phone piece made an appearance. It's now sitting in a cup of bleach (and my hands were washed ten times over). 

It'll go in the vial with the infamous nickel from last December. Then there will be a shadow box created with hopefully medical bills, statements and I'd like to have X-ray images in there too. I plan to have that on display at his graduation party from MIT or CalTech...and of course his wedding...

Jonathan with his nephew
Saturday April 26, 2014
Sad update to the mention of my cousin Jonathan from above. Yesterday, he did pass away.  He would have been 31 later this year. 

I do not know when the service is yet, but I will figure out a way to head up there. Don't know how that'll work with leaving the kids here with Chris's work schedule. But as soon as a service date is given, it'll be worked out somehow.

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