Friday, April 4, 2014

Flashback Friday the Fourth

Just a "Slide Show" for Flashback Friday. Then I have to get off the computer. Too much to do.

First, a couple of "Buddy" pics!

This was taken about a month after graduation from high school. My friend Julie and I. We were both just barely 18. My misguided Perm and Overall thing was still going strong.
Jill and Julie July 1993
Chris and Bruce at our wedding!
Chris (Groom) and Bruce (Best Man) November 10, 1994
And despite popular opinion, I wasn't upset in this picture below. I was trying to echo the sentiment of my little baby niece's mood at the time. She was voicing her displeasure. I'm usually a wonderful Baby Whisperer and I am at about 90% effectiveness at calming babies.  However, this was way back on Christmas 1996. I may not have perfected my skills yet. But seriously, I'm that good. I found out I have a reputation! Haha. Someone I barely knew said, "I was told 'Jill will take your baby, calm it down and put it to sleep.' " Wow! I didn't know word got around.
Christmas 1996. Auntie Jill and Baby Maren
Another "Auntie Jill" picture. This was July 1997 near Vancouver, British Columbia. That's happy baby Hana (see? Not all babies cry when I hold and behind me is Jacy. See that color outside? It's called Green. And in the summer out there, you can go outside. And walk around. And enjoy life. It's amazing.
Auntie Jill, Baby Hana and Jacy - July 1997
And speaking of how great British Columbia is (Vancouver is my favorite city ever), here is Mikelle and I there in August 2002. She was just a few days away from turning two.
Mikelle (almost 2) and Mom in Vancouver - Stanley Park (North Vancouver in the distance) - August 2002
We had to fly home before her birthday, or else she wouldn't been able to fly for free. I think we returned the day before she turned 2!

What was funny about the Prospect Point picture below, is right after we took it, this tourist, a fancy Asian gentleman in a black leather jacket and wearing a gold watch and even a couple nice rings (and his slacks were quite sleek), says something to his party in Korean while smiling (I think it was Korean), picks up Mikelle, takes a picture with her, and then hands her back to me! lol

Mikelle at Stanley Park (Prospect Point)
I think this was taken before we went to Stanley Park, when we were in Gastown, Vancouver's Historic District. There is fun shopping there! The dock where Chris and I boarded our cruise ship in 2000 is in Gastown (if I remember correctly).
Too Cute!

Until next time...

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