Monday, April 28, 2014

Art Recap Monday

This is an abbreviated post for another lovely Monday. 

I've been working on about 5 different projects in tandem lately. One is going with me up to Utah for the funeral, as I find a way to deal with  grief (besides anger that seems to be a default), is to create something. 

Therefore, instead of a Sunday Doodle yesterday, I began a small tribute for Jonathan. 

Also, a couple of days I ago I completed this beautiful tribute (left) in honor Ava, a little girl that also left us too soon. The artwork is now on its way to Kansas. 

I followed the story from a Facebook friend as this happened, and it was so sad that this little girl was taken so quickly by illness. Just like my cousin Jonathan, who was taken too soon by illness, it's just so hard to understand sometimes. 

The text on this tribute to Ava was read at her service, so it is only fitting to be part of the artwork:

Transitioning to art of a different theme, I also finished this fun artwork for a friend's Catering Company in Colorado. Good thing Chris is taking me out to dinner tonight, because just looking at this artwork again makes me hungry! 

Until next time!

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