Thursday, April 17, 2014


Easter is this Sunday. The 5K Neon Dash is Saturday evening. That means eggs have to be colored and decorated before then. I was lame last year and didn't do the fancy eggs. Therefore, I figure I have to do them this year. Why? Because that's the high expectations I set for myself. No one requires it but me. 

 If you have no idea what I'm talking about, these are the eggs from 2012.  At least I think they were the 2012 eggs.
2012 Easter Eggs
And we haven't acquired the Easter Candy yet. I learned my lesson to not do that too early because the candy won't survive. Let's just get real here! 

And then last night, I guess someone at Target bought theirs but forgot to take the bag with them. When we checked out with our groceries, that customer's bag of Easter candy ended up in our stuff. We didn't discover it until we arrived home. The bag was full of everything that would have been needed for the baskets on Easter morning.  

I was so tempted to just keep it, but no, I took it back to Target. 

Stupid morals.

I figure since I probably won't see Chris until Saturday at the Neon Dash, I'll have him get the Easter stuff on the way home. 

I thought other than making sure the eggs were fancied up, I was ahead of the game. Until my friend Heidi posted this as her Facebook status:

What are you fixing for your Easter dinner?

 The first thought that came to my mind?

Oh crap. 

Maybe I'll put that on Chris's shoulders too - you know, as a way for him to make up for not being home all this time. Haha

Nah, he likes to cook.

Plus, I am behind on two custom art orders.

I realize this isn't exactly the Easter spirit here. 

I do love what Easter represents. I just do not like the time of year. It's saying, "This is the last holiday that you can probably go outside and be able to stay out there for a few minutes and not sweat and melt!" And it was 93 today, so even Easter doesn't hold that promise. 

I wanted to put in some Easter pictures for Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday, but that can wait until after Easter. 

Instead, this is so much more important.

What does Easter represent? Besides that Summer is coming, I mean? 

For me, it's not just that Christ died for us and rose again. It's what that means. The Atonement was and is for everyone

Our destinies are still a blank slate.

 That is so comforting. 

I love this video that released just a few days ago: Because of Him

It's less than three minutes long. The best part?

Because of Him
We all will live again
Death has no sting. 
The grave no victory.
We can start again.
And again.
Because of Him.
Guilt becomes Peace.
Regret Becomes Relief.
Despair becomes Hope.
Because of Him. 
We have Second Chances.
Clean Slates.
New Beginnings.
There is No Such Thing... the end.
Because of Him 
That says it all. One of Satan's cunning tools and oldest tricks (but he uses so many new tactics and different methods to use that old trick) is to convince us we are not worthy of that promise. He wants us to believe that we are not included in that promise. 

Nothing could be further from the truth. 

 It took until my 30s to really discover my testimony in Christ and the Atonement. I wondered how I managed without it.  

Happy Easter!


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