Friday, February 28, 2014

Flashback Friday in a Forest

"A Forest" Copyright 2014 Jill Henrichsen
An abbreviated post for the Friday. Good news coming down the pike! Happenings at work for Chris show that the planets are aligned. 

We haven't broken ground yet on the house, but we're getting closer and closer. The bank of course is holding things up, but at least we're at this point in the process. We are looking into where we can rent because school starts the first week of August and I want the kids to have a clean transition and start school there, and the house won't be finished being built by then. I don't necessarily want to rent in a palace, but I'm hoping it's just a little bigger than our current house.

Anyway, "A Forest" is complete. If I mess with the color anymore, it'll turn into a muddy mess!

As promised, I hope to do one of these flashback posts once a week.

I'm pretty sure this is sometime in 1995. The Phoenix Zoo. Man, it was hard prying myself out of that turtle shell. I mean, that's an oyster shell! Haha! There's a picture of Chris goofing around in the turtle shell you can see behind me. I wonder where that picture is?
Phoenix Zoo - Age 20?
11 Years Later! Ugh...I was losing weight when this picture was taken, but I wasn't "there" yet. I love 2 year old Christian's chubby cheeks and I miss Mikelle at that age (2 months from turning 6). And I LOVE the way Chris looks in this picture!  Rawrrrrr.....
June 2006 - Durango, Colorado
Busy weekend ahead! Another trip over to Wickenburg, Mikelle has the Gilbert Temple Cultural Celebration, and the Gilbert Temple Dedication on Sunday!

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