Friday, February 14, 2014

Love - Amour - Amor and NPR!

(Disclaimer: Our computer problems have been resolved - sort of. Before there was a virus that was hard to find and get rid of. I had all my stuff, but it moved like a lagging dead zombie looking for brains. NOW...everything moves quick and fast (thanks Tev!), but some of the programs aren't back yet. I can't do any photo editing and it's frustrating. Especially with my art that I planned on editing and posting.   Therefore, this entry has some issues that won't be resolved just yet, but they will soon.)

On Sunday the 9th, I wanted to do some Valentine pictures of the kids before church. (That way, they'd already be dressed up.)

I'm not sure how they turned out. I guess there is the fantasy of how the pictures should look, and then there's the reality. Hopefully these pictures fell somewhere in between. 

There's Mikelle with her new haircut!
My genius handsome boy - turning 10 next month!
(Check back for proper editing for this to be flipped vertically)
(Check back for proper editing for this to be flipped vertically)
My Silly Lovy Boys!

My Goofball Boy with Mommy's Kissy Lips!
Working hard to hold the Love!
Too cute, No shoes again - ran in the dirt and being cute to get away with all of it!
Mommy Smoochies with her Crazy X-Man!
And what is up with my hair? More like "down" with it! I swear I styled it! But it's just hanging there like pieces of straw with no volume! Grrrrrr.....

NPR Nerdiness Valentine

Chris and I celebrated our Valentines Day yesterday on the 13th due to the Wait Wait Don't Tell Me show in Phoenix! We didn't have the stomach bug that Alexander had, but Chris was not feeling well with some throat achy thing.  And sorry, but I have to squeal in delight that I'm back in Size 10 jeans! Since....I don't know...2009? I don't know. I knew I was probably back in them last month, but I wasn't able to go shopping for jeans. Seven and Earl jeans are my kind of jeans (great fit for my Amazon body... :grrrrr:  ) so when those Size 10 Seven's fit, I was delighted. 

Now let's STAY there!

Back to the evening...I was a little irritated because even though we left early, we still didn't gt into downtown Phoenix with enough time to sit and have a nice dinner. We ended up sitting at the bar at The Strand (yummy!). There was only one seat, so Chris gave it to me, and when we received our food, he still stood there and ate. 

That wasn't exactly the Valentines ambiance that I was hoping for, but it was still a great place with GOOD Italian. Plus, this lady who was sitting at the bar next to us stood up when she saw Chris eating while standing up and said, "Take my seat. My son does that (eats while standing up) and it drives me crazy...." She took her martini glass and went to the other  end of the bar and waited for another seat to open. Chris turned to the bartender and said, "Can we please get that ladies' drink for her? She was so nice to give up her seat...." Yes, my husband is quite the gentleman, even if it was a woman who gave up her seat for him.
Carl Kassell and Peter Sagal

Anyway, so then we skipped down to the show. I was disappointed that Bobcat Goldthwaite wasn't one of the three panelists as originally scheduled.  It was Kyrie O'Connor, Bryan Babylon, and Maz Gobrani. (sidenote: I'm usually not into bald guys, but he is one good looking bald guy! Probably due to his Middle Eastern roots...if all balding guys looked like him, I don't see male-pattern baldness as much of a problem!)

Maz Jobrani
Yesterday's February 13th Phoenix show will be broadcast on NPR tomorrow (Saturday February 15). Check it out! 

Who was the surprise guest? Well, the show was 'on location', so we knew the special guest had to be an Arizona local. I was thinking, "PLEASE PLEASE don't be Sherrif Joe or Governor Brewer. Please no...." 

I sort of got my wish. It was our Junior Senator, Jeff Flake. At first I groaned, but it was pretty good and he really rolled with the jokes and fun when it was his turn to be interviewed and take the quiz! There were all kinds of jokes about him being Republican and how many NPR listeners are more on the Democrat side. Well, it was my centrist Republican husband (the only kind of Republican to be if you're must be a Republican) introduced Wait Wait to me years ago, and I do find the show very bi-partisan. 

I don't think this part will be on the show that will be broadcast, but Peter Sagal, the host,  said they don't get a lot of Republican guests and he wishes he would so it'll appeal to a wider audience and portray just how bi-partisan Wait...Wait really is. 

Highlights of the show? Probably the jokes the panelists made about climbing Alligators (listen to the show) and the part where Senator Flake spoke about the time he spent alone on a desert island thousands of miles out in the middle of the Pacific. He said he was so bored, he would use a Sharpie and put numbers on hermit crabs as they muddled by. Chris laughed and turned to me and said, "That's sooooo something you would do!"

I'm sure there are other funny bits that I'll remember after I listen to the show tomorrow. If you're Phoenix local, it's on 91.5 at 11am and then again on Sunday at 10am.  

So what's on the agenda for our official February 14th? Not much. Root beer Floats with the kids after a heart-shaped Papa Murphys pizza! I'm looking forward to just chilling tonight!

Happy Valentines Day! Check back for photo editing.

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