Thursday, February 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday

The overwhelming feeling with preparing for this move has splintered into other emotions, because I've been going through a lot of stuff in our garage while the weather is more permissible to do so. 

However, let me just get this out of the way NOW.... this Winter has been the biggest disappointment to us desert dwellers. 

While the rest of the country is being pelted with snow and a term that is being overused on all news outlets as "The Polar Vortex", Arizona didn't even get the memo to have our nice winter temps of the 60s with some clouds and rain. The other day it almost hit 90. That was depressing for February. No, that doesn't mean I want the "Polar Vortex". But having our regular winters would be nice.

Okay. I got that out of the way. 

I've been trying to work in the garage to organize, decide what can be donated or thrown out, and otherwise try not to feel too overwhelmed. I found where I stashed a lot of photos. It was no surprise to me that these pictures were pretty much 1990s and earlier. When I had Mikelle in 2000, it was as if anything that happened before then was forgotten. From 2000 on, it seemed every picture and every scrapbook layout and everything I carried with me, had to do with my children. That's great, and I'll always do that (they're adorable! What can I say?), but these "lost photos" need to be re-visited. No, I'm not going to post all of them. But I'll include some highlights. 

Plus, having them scanned in helps with record keeping (yes, pre-digital camera days! They did exist, and not very long ago. Kids, ask your parents....) and by having them in a Facebook album and blog entry here and there, it'll remind me of what needs to be done to continue to organize, document and make sense of it all.  I'm a "visual" person. Without visual reminders, I'll forget completely.

In 1996, Chris and I hiked the Havasupai Trail (that has the most beautiful waterfalls and places that the modern world should never touch! I love it down there!) with some co-workers of mine from Wells Fargo. I can't remember what month we went, but I think it was most likely in October. I had done the hike previously in 1989 just before high school. This 1996 trip was the second time I did the hike. It's been too long now, and I really want to do it again! Let's just say, if you plan to do it, obtain the CORRECT shoes. Common sense, right? Yeah, you'd think so! 

Havasupai Trail - 1996 (ages 21 and 26)
Jenny's Wedding

In August of 1996, my cousin was married in Salt Lake City. I was happy to grab, what was then a very affordable airline ticket, and head on up there. Plus, going somewhere where you can be outside in August and not die? Even better. 

My baby hunger is showing in these pictures below. I had been married almost 2 years when these were taken, but it was not time yet for us to have kids. First of all, I was only 21. I know I married young (19), but it didn't mean we needed to start having kids that young.  I knew we were going to wait quite awhile and I don't regret it for one second. But it didn't mean I didn't want to "steal" all the babies I could! I certainly did that with baby Alyssa!
My cousin Lori and I, with our cousin Jana's baby Alyssa. 8/2/96
Myself with my cousin Jana's baby Alyssa. 8/2/96
At the reception later that evening, with yes, baby Alyssa again. 8/2/96
Yes, I love Goats. I had them when I was little when we lived in Laveen. I miss having Goats.
This photo on the left was taken 7 months later on a nice more wintery February day that Chris and I went to the Renaissance Festival east of town. I love the Renaissance Festival. I haven't gone for a few years. It's going on right now, as a matter of fact, but with this ridiculous warmer weather AND trying to get this house building started, I don't have any desire to head there this year. But I still love going there.

A couple of months after the goat loving (I know, that sounds so wrong...), Chris was able to pull off a surprise birthday party for me. He was acting rather strange right before (and so was my friend Hilary, now that I recall), but I seriously had no idea what was going on. It was pretty awesome. 
Chris and I and then Bruce and Liz. Bruce is doing what Bruce does. We should re-create this picture...
I don't know why my eyes look blue in that picture. I don't have blue eyes. I think they had the "red eye" effect and I tried to use a red eye pen that didn't quite work out well.
My high school friend, Randall, and my Rio Salado College, friend, Cassandra...I've lost touch with both of them! :-(
Mark Cherry and my friend Hilary
Omigosh...I can totally see Mikelle in my face in this picture...poor kid!
And to the left is a couple of weeks later....Hil and Jill on Mill! (Mill Avenue in Tempe, that is. And yes, it's Mark again!) What is up with the "Mom Jeans" I'm wearing?!

It's hard to believe that these pictures were 17 to 18 years ago. I admit I'm having a difficult time with how fast time seems to move forward.  In childhood, it seemed time moved slow and we had so much of it. Now, the same amount of time moves 3 times as fast, or at least that's how it feels. However, we are lucky to live in a time where we can remember things so easily with photos and videos.

My goal is to post something like this every Thursday or Friday. Because if I miss Throwback Thursday, there is always Flashback Friday. Or, if I'm really on the ball, there may be Way-back Wednesday.

Until next time...

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