Saturday, February 15, 2014

It Says I'm Iron Man, So Okay, I'm Iron Man!

I don't place much credence in these hokey online quizzes that people share right and left on Facebook. They're fun, but that's about it. I don't share my results that often. One said I was mostly like Cookie Monster. Just because I love sweets, that means all my personality tastes point to Cookie Monster? Yeah, okay...
HOWEVER, I had to take this one: Which Avengers Character Are You?

I didn't even cheat and answer the questions that I "thought" would favor Iron Man. But that is the result I received by just being honest. 

I must say, there is a reason I have been a huge Iron Man fan since Robert Downey Junior took the helm, and yes, RDJ has been eye candy for me since junior high and especially since Chaplin in 1992.  But it goes beyond that. I've loved the Tony Stark character's tenacity and "do it my way" modus operandi with an attitude of sarcasm and endless supply of snark. 

However, especially after seeing the third Iron Man, I have identified many parallels in my own life to the character (symbolically, of course...if I try to wear that suit and fly, I'll crash before I even take off, or I'd fly like The Greatest American Hero...remember that goofy 80s show?). I admired how Tony said how he felt, he certainly wasn't fake, and he stood up for what he believed in - even if it wasn't with the masses and it made him appear crazy.  And yes, the PTSD he experienced was almost welcoming in a way to show that no matter how tenacious, stubborn, and driven he was, he was still a fallible human being.

Of course Tony Stark pulls it all off better than I do, but that's alright.  He has more funding.  Haha  ...Well, his preference in beach front architecture is a little too modern and cold for my taste. But give me his kind of money and I can donate to classrooms everywhere where only teachers' control the funds and how they're spent. I'll happily annoy school administrators everywhere and enjoy exasperating them in ways that only a Tony Stark type can with a tub of popcorn!

(This would be after I acquire my private plane and Oregon second home, of course...)

This was the hardest question to answer. I'm not going to say which one I decided on, but how do you answer a question where all your huge negative flaws are listed? 

Until next time...

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