Monday, October 21, 2013

Using Our Powers for GOOD instead of EVIL...

Chris and I went as Mr. Incredible and ElastiGirl at Saturday night's fifth annual "Ferguly" Halloween party.

 It was our fourth year in a row attending (hey! Why weren't we invited the FIRST year? lol....)

Link to Party Pictures From Last Year (2012)

Link to Party Pictures from 2011. And dang...still post-pregnancy fat! Ack!

No party pics from 2010. Oh, we were at the party and pictures do exist. But being close to 8 months pregnant at the time, do I need to explain further why they're not posted? 

I do regret one thing. I didn't use the pregnancy that year for the best costume idea I did think of months prior. If I had the energy and time (I had neither....) I should have gone as a knocked up Prom Queen with a tacky taffeta maternity prom dress with poofy circa 1985 sleeves and a Prom Queen sash and crown, and Chris could have worn a mullet wig, a Tuxedo T-shirt with a black blazer and ripped jeans with a sash and crown. 

I don't know this guy in the picture below, but his look is close to what Chris would have done that year, except Chris would have done a dark mullet wig and I fear it would have looked rather authentic on him!

No, I don't know these people, but her costume is rather close to my October 2010 idea, minus the 80s references I would have had us create.

It would have been awesome. 

A missed opportunity! Oh well.

I reminded Chris the other day how I still wish we did that costume, and he proceeded to remind me how I felt around that time and how at the party I was practically lying down (and our friend Leslie referred to me as a "beached whale"... Thanks and how I had to go on early Maternity leave just a couple of weeks later. Yes, I remember. Of course I didn't put much work into our costumes that year. In fact, we didn't even have correlating costumes. I wore a comfy black and white striped inmate costume and Chris was a vampire.   But I'll never forget leaving the house for the party. Chris was going to meet me there as he was coming from work, so I was leaving alone wearing my fat lady inmate costume. I felt an eerie feeling as if someone was watching me as I unlocked the car. Sure enough, there was my next door neighbor Bryan standing in his driveway laughing. 

"Niiiiice!" He said, as I looked over at him.

He asked me where I was going. Really? I'm a huge pregnant lady wearing a black and white striped inmate costume on a weekend October evening. Where do you think I'm going? I should have said, "Gynecologist appointment." But my health problems gestating another human also stopped me from having the quick wit and I just replied, "Just a party nearby." 

Boring answer. Boring.

Wow. Total digression. It's after midnight and I'm rambling about parties from years before instead of highlighting this particular year's.

Yeah, our whole family is doing the Incredibles this year. It's the last year we can really pull it off.  Mikelle is Violet's age (Junior High), Christian is about the age of Dash, and X-man, a little older than Jack-Jack, but still the baby like Jack-Jack.

If our family has the gender and age spread of the Incredibles, I knew we had to do it. But as I said in my previous entry, Christian isn't happy and Mikelle is against it too. But Mikelle's disdain is after she liked the idea months ago. I started buying the costumes months ago because it wasn't plausible to just lay the cash down for five costumes all at once (and bid on some eBay ones that were gently used or whatever. It took awhile to acquire them all!)

Christian didn't even have a Halloween costume idea or show interest in any other costume. He just knew he didn't want to be Dash when I asked him to try on his costume. But I think by the time we dress up as a family again next week, they will survive.

Anyway, here are some snapshots from the adult party last night. More pictures will come by way of the official shots taken that night, but these are the ones I was able to take. 

Okay, I didn't take this first one below. But I took a shot of Jake and Wendy at the party and it wasn't on my camera when I uploaded it. So I stole this one of them. If you don't know what they are, maybe this will help. Alexander and Christian can watch that video all day long if they could get away with it. Luckily I also got Alexander addicted to this one as well to help out my sanity when it comes to repeated videos.  I'm not against the Fox video. I just don't want to hear it all day long. I can actually appreciate the humor and creativity of it.
Apparently this one below is a Breaking Bad reference. I haven't seen the show, but I trust that they got it right.

A lone wolf. 

This baby is only a month old! Yes, I got to hold him and cuddle him for awhile. :sigh: I miss those 5 minutes when my babies were that small.
Yes, this is Miley Cyrus and a Wrecking Ball. And He-Man. And She-Ra. That poor baby is skeeered of Mr. Miley. Wouldn't you be?

Until next time, which I suspect will also have Halloween themes and imagery...

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