Friday, October 18, 2013

Who are these kids?

The severed leg and foot (yes, FAKE) I had sticking out of our moon roof went MISSING on Wednesday. It could have been stolen, but based on the circumstances of its disappearance, I suspected Thing 1 and Thing 2 were behind the vanishing act due to being embarrassed. 

Sure enough, when Christian got home, he fessed up. Well, not exactly. I asked him straight up if he took the foot from the moon roof, and he did some weird whiny noise (that he does when he's faced with something unpleasant).  

I asked him WHY he took it off and he said, "You pretty much know...."

He told me where he stashed it and it's now hanging out the back of the car.

With it being out of sight more, I think it helps. The last straw for Christian with it being on top of the car may have been the day before when I picked him up from school and we heard some kid yell, "There's a foot on top that car!"

My friend Krisstina said, "I bet your therapy jar is WAY bigger than ours!"

Funny she should say that. Christian had an appointment with his specialist on Monday and we were waiting and one of the receptionists said, "Is that your car out there? Is that a FOOT on there?" 

And yesterday evening I had Thing1 and Thing 2 try on their costumes. Boy, did I get RESISTANCE. We have a family costume this year. When I reveal, it will make sense in that this year was the last chance to pull off this costume. Mikelle was on board 6 months ago when I presented this idea, but now she's not interested one bit. Too bad. Costume has been purchased. And Christian doesn't want to wear his either. 

Again, who are these kids? It is such a buzzkill to the necessary spirit of Halloween!

I will say that Alexander looked absolutely adorable in his. Chris and I will wear ours tomorrow night to a party, but I'm guessing Alexander will want to put his on again when he sees us getting ready. I might just have to have some pictures of at least the three of us tomorrow.

To remember younger simpler times and yesterday was Throwback Thursday and today is Flashback Friday, here are my babies' first Halloweens! Mikelle was the littlest at her first Halloween. And even though she's the girl, she's the one with the least amount of hair! lol

And here is my cousin Lori and I circa 1978. If I posted this before, I apologize. I love Halloween and it's Flashback Friday. But damn...the 70s had WAY TOO MUCH ORANGE and crappy interior design. I think of one of my favorite movie lines:

 "And, uh, oh - hire a decorator to come in here quick, 'cause... DAMN." 

If I posted this reference before as well, I apologize. 

And while we're on Men in Black, this is my second favorite scene from the third Men in Black when Agent J (Will Smith) had to go back to the 1960s to save his partner. 

Okay, back to Halloween. Here is X-man on Wednesday with a T-shirt that will sadly be grown out by next year. Oh well, he got 2 good years out of it. 


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