Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Catching Up With October

Dang…I got way behind! So much has been going on this month! I’ll try to bring things up to speed.

I am about to bring a new Circle Motif (below) to SunDust and a new Triptych is currently being matted and readied for the gallery (also below). None of the motifs have sold yet, but I hear they make quite an impression to those that come in the gallery.

Sorry about the Copyright C's. You can't trust anyone!

And here is the Triptych currently being matted (in a vertical frame with three separate circular mattes). It's Paris-London-New York theme. The times on the clock are not significant, but the times are in synch with the time zones for each city.

While the kids were on Fall Break, their cousin Mikkel came to town. We had Chinese with him and a buddy of his. Mikkel is the oldest cousin on the Henrichsen side and AleXander is the youngest! The pictures are not the best, We took these with the back-up camera and apparently it was on a less than stellar setting.

During the kids’ second week of Fall break, Chris was working crazy long hours which occurs bi-annually. I’m never happy with the October one because it hits while the kids are on Fall break. At least when it hits again in April, the kids are in school (Spring Break is in March). This time was even more difficult, because the week before, Chris was sent to Orlando, Florida. I told him to not let them send him on a trip right before the week of the insanity ever again. However, I just loved the Thing 3 T-shirt Chris brought back from there for AleXander.

Therefore, with Chris being mostly MIA, the 3 kids and I went on a little escape. My friend Billie from student housing days lives in St. David with her family. St. David is in Southeast Arizona near Tombstone. We crashed her place and spent one day at Tombstone and the next day in Bisbee. Bisbee is a fun artsy little town and I would love to go back. Tombstone was fun as well. We need to go back and see the actual O.K. Corral and do the touristy tour part of it. That is one thing we didn’t get to on our little trip.

Here is Alexander enjoying Fred the Snake in Tombstone:

Mikelle and Christian, near the O.K. Corral.

Hilarious sign in Tombstone that I couldn't help but photograph. I just loved sharing kisses with this Military Macaw (Tombstone)

Petting Zoo at Tombstone

Alexander turned 10 months 4 days ago! I’m relieved he hasn't started walking yet. The way he was going with the pulling up on things and standing (by 7 months) I thought for sure he would be walking by now. Thankfully, he hasn’t. I’d like to see him wait until 11 months, but if it happens before then, it’s not too terrible. But still, he’s my baby and he’s in such a hurry to grow up! (cry)

10/22/11 10 Months Old!

Chris and I went to a Halloween party the other night. We decided to go as Hippies and we brought Granola. I don't think many got the Granola connection with the treat we brought, but oh well!

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  1. Looked like a fun trip! You and your hubby make a "groovy" couple.;-)