Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Does This Pumpkin Make Me Look Fat?

It's been fun doing all these pumpkins, but I am glad it's a seasonal thing. After October I hopefully won't be known to some as "The Pumpkin Lady". 

I've been dealing with intense headaches lately. Some of it probably has to do with stress. There's a lot of Pumpkin and non-Pumpkin art demands (that's a good thing!), kids still fighting daily (that never ends), the most difficult 2-year old we've ever had (don't get me wrong, the other two were no picnic. But X-man has the Age 2 thing down pat and we're tired), and worrying about getting this house started in Wickenburg. 

These demands are no different than any other grown ups juggling life and all that comes with it. The headaches just make it so much more difficult. I thought that my eyesight may be an issue as well. I now need reading glasses on top of wearing my contacts for my crazy farsighted eyeballs . Who knows what the culprit is. Maybe it's a combination of all those factors. 
Chris and I walked the property with our contractor in Wickenburg yesterday. Of course the October temps in the 80s didn't stay and it was 91 yesterday. Ugh. Well, it was 85 in Wickenburg. But still - too warm for the third week in October. The heat started making me nauseated and then the sunlight started the headache that still hasn't gone away over 24 hours and quite a few Ibuprofen tablets later. 

And then something so ridiculously stupid and embarrassing happened while we were at the land, but I can't really share on this forum. I mean, granted, I have maybe 4 readers, but still...  Let's just say God has a sense of humor and He must have seen an opportunity.

Here is a praying mantis in the street just in front of our property. I named him Sheldon.
Stoney Update!
The Stoney craze has slowed down, but he's still moving around. I love his latest duds! Mummified!
Today's Stoney all Mummified!
That says "Who's Your Mummy?" The other paper says "A Horse is a Horse of Corpse a Corpse..."
Darth Stoney. Come to the Dark Side, Stoney! We have apples, carrots and oats!
He visited this little one's house earlier this month just in time for her first birthday!

This is a short entry due to the headache. Oh, I almost forgot, the article from the November 2013 issue is now posted online. So if you weren't able to read it in the drugstore and then put the magazine back, here it is

Until next time...

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