Thursday, October 10, 2013

Mama Moody

What is with the moodiness? Maybe it's because I'm a perfectionist. It's hard to descibe how I'm a perfectionist. I think it's about being able to cross things off my list and feel I'm accomplishing something. Plus, I want the house to be clean and organized. The biggest reason? It gives me a "sanctuary". I don't know.

I have plenty of things to not be moody about. First of all, summer is over and "fall" is finally hitting us here in hell. Tomorrow it'll be in the 70s! I can function! The garage can get our attention once again! 

Had to laugh at this. This is the life at home. Kids AND Husband...
Yesterday I went to my eighth Depeche Mode concert. Yes, numero ocho. And it was phenomenal. I never thought I'd hear "But Not Tonight" live, but that's exactly what we got. It was one of Martin Gore's slow vocals and it was so beautiful. And "A Pain That I'm Used To", "Enjoy the Silence" and "Question of Time" back to back (to back)? Words cannot describe it. Sure, I could have done without the guy behind me spilling his beer on my foot and pant-leg, but whatever. 

It was a beautiful evening too. The air was perfect. And if was tonight (Wednesday 10/9), it would have been dusty and windy. The timing was perfect. 

I had this pumpkin-in-progress (below) in my purse last night at the concert. The lady who checked my purse coming in giggled saying "I'm not going to ask...."  

The opening act I had Chris  shine the light of his iPhone at me while I worked on this. It's going to a customer in the UK. (I would have had him take a pic of me working on it, but his battery was dying and we had to be responsible parents and keep the phone in an operative state).

I even received some wonderful "Words of Affirmation" (one of my main Love Languages) from customers who received their Pumpkin orders already as they offered their official reviews on my Etsy site

I should be happy. I am! Primise! But I'm still so agitated and....moody. Ugh.

Of course coming home from the concert had its laughs. I was gone most of the day because of ongoing car problems. Don't get me started. If you read what happened with our car back in July, you can understand how it must feel to still be dealing with it. The only saving grace? The extended warranty. 

Anyway, I'm not interested in talking about the car. I was gone most of the day dealing with that and I wasn't about to take Alexander with me (due to his past indiscretions such as what he did with the greeting cards at the print shop, just to name one example). 

Therefore, I had a sitter with the boys at home (since Mikelle was spending time with a friend) and I spent the next few hours in Car DramaLand. At least I was by myself and equipped with pumpkins to work on. 

If I feel like I'm still getting work done, it's not completely frustrating. I also think of what it would have been like to have Alexander with me, and the dollar signs for the sitter was clearly money well spent.

 But then I had to come home (albeit in a rental car...again) and quickly get ready for the concert and rush to Phoenix to meet Chris where he was waiting for me. Therefore, I had the mother's "guilt" because I wasn't really home that day. Ugh. The mother's guilt lobe of the brain must take up a lot of space.

Mikelle was here with the boys while we were out at the concert. Due to the buckled traffic getting out of the concert (we finally just sat in the parking lot and "chilled" for awhile because no one was going anywhere for awhile) we walked through the door after midnight. Most parents would find a dark house and children asleep. Oh no...not our house. 

Mikelle and Alexander greeted us. 

"Mom! Dad! You're home!..." X-man's adorable two year old voice excitedly exclaimed. 

Mikelle looked relieved and exhausted to see us. She said something about his "turdy" behavior and she stumbled to her bedroom.  While our first two kids had their challenges in toddlerhood, bedtime wasn't much of a problem. Not with our caboose. We're definitely being thrown curve balls with Alexander when it comes to sleeping.

Oh, a couple months ago I posted about the vacation mishap story that Parents magazine was interested in using in one of their upcoming articles. Well, it's finally out! Page 76 of the November 2013 issue. The story is appropriately titled "Vacation Nightmares" with a picture of a Griswold-like station wagon taking air! 

If you can't laugh later (sometimes much later) about something so ridiculous that happens on vacation, you'll end up with a stomach ulcer.

Not the picture shown with the story, but this is from the same trip! December 2009

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