Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Golden Goose

Mikelle played the Golden Goose earlier this month in my friend Theresa's community play "Jack and the Beanstock"
Mikelle performing as the Golden Goose in "Jack and the Beanstock
Mikelle wasn't too enthusiastic to get a picture taken after the performance. In fact, she gets upset whenever I try to take any pictures of her at all. I told her it is what I do as a Mom, and I'm not going to stop. Even if she makes expressions like this to show her discontent:

We Love this Silly Goose...
A couple of days later, Chris went by Theresa's house to pick something up for me and he said she mentioned that Mikelle acts very different until her parents are around. Maybe I should try having a drone follow her with a go-pro camera all the time so I can see how she really behaves. 

I also wonder what would happen if I manage to land the art teacher position at Wickenburg High School where she will be! LOL!  However, that is only possible if the current instructor leaves and I happen to get hired. Also, I don't know if I'll go back to teaching as soon as Mikelle's high school career, which begins next year. It is a fun fantasy to entertain, however, and use it to frighten Mikelle. But I digress.

Luckily, despite her change in behavior depending on our presence, I know she is friendly and outgoing and I get positive feedback from all her teachers (school, church, drama, etc...). She just won't be as outgoing if the P-meter is going off. The P-meter meaning Parent-Meter, of course.

This is still shot from one of my favorite performances by Mikelle almost a year ago. She was one of the Dwarfs in Snow White. I won't share the photo of her after the performance when I tried to take a picture. I did that already back in the entry when I shared all the photos. lol

I also look forward to school performances next semester in her CREW class. She did CREW last year and really enjoyed it. 

Now to get some sleep. That's been more of a trick lately!

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