Tuesday, November 1, 2011

"All Hallows Eve" 2011

It's now November 1st and it would be REALLY NICE if Summer could end. Actually, in a couple of days it looks like it might be over for good. They're predicting highs in the 60s by Saturday. Now that's what I'm talking about!

Another "first" for AleXander has now passed. He had his first official Halloween and he was a big hit as the cutest caveman. At one time, he drew a crowd because he was dancing (bending his knees and going up and down) to the music as he held on to a hay bail. I wish I had the video camera for that moment.
It was adorable!

He's not walking yet, but we're right on the cusp! I saw a couple attempted/pseudo steps today. It's happening. No matter how sad I am to see my little baby turn into a walking toddler, it's happening!
His Aunt Becca made cute furry shoe covers, however the shoes themselves wouldn't stay on. This kid's feet are an enigma. Shoes are either too small or they won't stay on!

Something scary on Halloween (frightening if you look at the picture up close - far away it's fine...)
Earlier that day, here is Mikelle in her 2011 edition custom painted Halloween Jeans. It is tragic that kids aren't allowed to wear their costumes to school on Halloween anymore. That was such a big part of our memories as kids. The 21st Century has really brought on the trend in funsuckery! Therefore, to keep the spirit of Halloween alive int he classrooms, Mikelle and I have painted Halloween jeans *almost* every year.

Rear View:

And here she is in her Button Ensemble:
Button Girl with an Attitude:
Of course we cannot forget our other Cutie Caveman!

Protect your brother!

Earlier that evening...our X-man was ready to party!

Since this entry is pretty random in order of photos and captions, here are some recent Facebook entries of mine to wrap up the Halloween theme:

Saturday October 29, 2011:
Watched some of "Zombies: A Living History" on the History Channel. Interesting historical stuff, but laughing at the ominous narration of what really could happen. But I did have to change the channel after awhile. I got a little creeped out.

Sunday October 30, 2011:
You know you love your kids when your 7yo announces to you at 7pm on Sunday night that he needs a pumpkin for school tomorrow and you take the evening tour with him around your town (and a little into the neighboring county) to every grocery store in order to find one.

Today, November 1, 2011:
AleXander doesn't "explore" different parts of the house on his own that much. He wants to be near me. However, this time he disappeared for longer than usual. I quickly found out his motivation - the Halloween candy on Mikelle's bed. lol

And this is just awesome. A doggie costume as an Imperial Walker! I've got to get me one of these! (a Greyhound AND that costume!)

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