Monday, November 28, 2011

How to Cook a Turkey

Christian brought home his school papers last Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. However, I didn't notice this in his folder until today. I was laughing at his thought process. This is the kind of thing you keep forever and I can't wait to show it to his fiance and children.

I love how you can use a knife or "bone arrow" to kill the turkey. However, you take the feathers off the turkey before you kill it. I know the whole thing speaks of torture to a poor turkey, but how can you not laugh?!

And the temperature on the oven at 95 degrees and only cooking for 20 minutes? That's nothing. I would cook and prepare the turkey (not the killing and de-feathering) if that was the case.

With the pictures, I was following until I saw the "ink" part. What was that for? Mikelle said, "The ink and feathers go together." You know, like the old fashioned ink and feather plume?


This year, not only am I thankful that the turkey is already dead and de-feathered by the time we buy it, but we continued our family tradition of ordering the dinner already cooked by the grocery store (because it's usually just our family since all our immediate family members abandoned us - I mean, "moved away" 5+ years ago). The prepared meal came with yummy stuffing and amazing mashed potatoes and gravy. It takes about 2 hours to prepare everything (warm up, etc), but it's so much nicer than slaving for hours cooking a turkey from its frozen de-feathered state.

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