Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holland Motif and Family Pictures 2011

The SunDust Arts Festival is this weekend! I'm nervous but excited! I have a new Circle Motif to add to the prints I hope to sell. This print (left) is more personal, but I have no problem spreading the Dutch joy! After Christmas, I'll add more details/explanations behind this particular Circle Motif. The original may stay with me for a bit, and I may make a second Dutch Circle Motif and have them framed together for the gallery. Any prints that don't sell at the festival (this one or other motif prints) will go in the gallery's outlet.

Family Picture 2011

About two weeks ago, we had our yearly family picture taken. This time was special because it was the first official family picture with our X-man! I am still struggling with weight loss (in this picture, I had made it to the "20 pounds lost" mark, with about 20 still to go), but I wasn't going to postpone the picture any longer. This weight loss project is s l o w, but it is happening. Slowly.

Anyway, along with AleXander's inclusion, it was important we have the photos taken because it was just a few days away from our anniversary (17th!) and it's a bit of a tradition to have family pictures taken around our anniversary. Also, since our anniversary is in November, it's great timing for Christmas cards and if we give any pictures for gifts.
I love this image of AleXander. He is so adorable, I can just eat him up!

The Three Goofballs!

Mikelle (growing up too fast!)
Christian (can you believe he'll be EIGHT in a few months?!)

LOVE THIS ONE! And AleXander is already "toying" with walking. I think we've seen two steps so far....

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