Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween B.C.

Tomorrow is Halloween! Yay! One of my favorite holidays EVER! It's also a special one because it's AleXander's FIRST. The kids wore their costumes the other night at a ward Trunk or Treat. I was grateful for the pre-Halloween event because it helped reveal any kinks in the costumes that could be remedied by tomorrow. Here is AleXander in his Caveman outfit. I've avoided trimming or having his hair cut so it could be all messy for the festivities.

I wanted to let Christian's hair grow out too, but it doesn't really grow "down". It's more coarse and grows "out". About two weeks ago, I couldn't stand it anymore and I had it cut. Hey, I love Halloween, but I'm also impatient! He looked adorable anyway!

LOVE Christian's face and X-man's hair in this shot!

More Primitive Poses....

Where is Mikelle in all this? I haven't forgotten her. She just rebelled against the Barbaric theme, so for this entry, she had to wait until I was done with the cavemen. Actually, the good picture I took of her in her costume turned out to be out of focus, because my nighttime eyesight is horrible (when the picture was taken) and I didn't realize the camera wasn't on auto focus! Ugh! Therefore, she'll get a really good (focused) picture taken tomorrow night. In the meantime, here she is with her brothers:

And because he's just too cute, here is more of X-man to close this Halloween preview.

More Halloween fun to come in the next entry! Happy Spooking!

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