Thursday, February 17, 2011

Timeless Treasures

(6 Week Pictures...continued)

As promised, here are the other pictures taken by Gina Murray 2 weeks ago when Alexander was 6 weeks old. It kills me how fast he's already growing. Mikelle tried to dress him in some adorable jammies he wore a lot when he was a newborn. She was sad that they were too tight and wouldn't fit anymore. She kept asking why babies had to grow up. I share the pain. Thank goodness, however, we live in a time where photos and videos can be enjoyed in abundance.

Even 30 years ago, it wasn't as easy. I feel for all those in the years before photography that could only hope for their memory to help them hold on to their children's years - either that, or you had to be lucky enough to draw and/or paint well or rich enough to commission an artist to capture your memory.

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  1. Could he BE any more adorable?!?! I just want to eat him up. Thanks for sharing the photos. You captured such an amazing time in his life ... growing, growing, growing so fast :)
    aka journey fan/2peas