Thursday, February 3, 2011

Newborn Jersey Project - South Africa

Alexander at one month old in the sweater made by his lovely Step-Grandma Georgia that she sent from South Africa. She said she was touched by a recent basket of little jerseys (sweaters) she saw at a wool/yarn shop. They are part of a Newborn Jersey Project. She said in some areas in South Africa, mothers take their newborns home from the hospital wrapped in newspaper. There are women (she called them "little old ladies like herself". Her words, not mine!) who knit the sweaters and donate them to the hospitals. Georgia made one especially for Alexander.

She said maybe as he wears this, we will all understand how blessed we are and reminded of those who have so little. These pictures were taken about 2 weeks ago.

It was really cold today (second day in a row that it didn't leave the 40s) and Alexander definitely wore it today.

I passed this letter onto a lady from church who has connections to some Humanitarian projects. Maybe we can help make little sweaters and donate them to the Newborn Baby Jersey Project! I also showed her the sweater and gave her pictures of Alexander wearing it to add a visual to the cause. Let's hope something materializes! My stake is in the middle of two other humanitarian projects now, but maybe this one can be next?!


  1. Both baby and sweater are gorgeous!

  2. What an adorable sweater - and what a wonderful project. I love knitting for charity - especially babies - I have some posts on my blog about Caps for Good. Your new son is beautiful - I really LOL'ed at Super Bowel Sunday!
    HAve a great week.
    Rosie (aka Gulfcoastgirl in "the pod");-)