Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Alexander's Blessing

Sunday, February 13th, we blessed Alexander (age 7 1/2 weeks) here at the house. We blessed Christian in a home setting and I loved it, so I wanted to carry that on with Alexander. I was more nervous and worked up because it was my own house this time and it was small and I wanted everyone to enjoy themselves and I was worried about all of that. Anyway, we ended up having the actual blessing in the backyard (more room out there). Thankfully, we had the weeds cleaned up, lawn cut, etc. It was pretty scary out there before that!

(left: Alexander in his blessing outfit. Age 6 weeks)

Anyway, so I'm not happy with my weight and despite working on it and exercising like crazy, it's going in the opposite direction. I wonder if it'll be more cooperative when I stop nursing, but that's left to be seen. ANYWAY, being that there was blessing at the house AND it was the day before Valentines Day, there were a lot of treats and snacks. And there was a LOT left over. Well, having that junk in my house is bad news with my current weight concerns. So I loaded the kids up with treats in their lunches on Monday (Feb 14th). Their metabolism is more forgiving than mine!

Well, picking up Christian from school on Monday (2/14), he chastized me for having more than one treat/dessert in his lunch. I said, "It's Valentines Day, and how often do I do that?" He said I usually don't, so I said, "so it's okay. It was a special occasion." Well, today, I got the most hilarious e-mail from his teacher:

He must have said at least 5 times during lunch, yesterday (that he had too many treats). "Do you know I have 3 treats in my lunch." "Three treats." "How can I eat three treats?" "I think I'll just eat this one." Finally I asked him why so many treats, and he told me about the party. He said, "Alex got blessed yesterday, and there were so many people in our house, that I had to go outside."
When I said, "Oh he was christened?"
He said, "Yes, we did it ourselves at home, cause we couldn't take all that food to the church."
Today he had to show me the piece of the "big" cookie he had in his lunch. In his words, "This cookie was huge."

I laughed so hard - especially at the reason Christian gave for blessing the baby at home. It was all about the food. LOL!

Christian and Alexander (7 weeks)

Blessing Day February 13, 2011
(7 1/2 weeks)

The Elders in Priesthood Circle for Alexander's blessing (We had our friend Mark hold the baby to make him uncomfortable - haha - inside joke). The only peron there that we're remotely related to is Brad (to the left of Chris) who is married to my cousin Shauri. The last couple years, we've come to find that many of our friends are our "family".

Here we are. It took a lot of courage for me to post this. I hate how fat I look. Big difference from this and the picture on Mikelle's blessing day! Of course I was 10 years younger too.

My family that was able to attend. I was so happy to see them! These are three of my cousins and their husbands. I'm not sure what Mikelle is doing. I don't think Lauren is sure what Mikelle is doing either.

The whole crew. I love the support and having everyone gathered like this - even if I was a stress case.

More beautiful pictures of Alexander in his blessing outfit
Age 6 weeks
Many thanks to Gina Murray Artistic Impressions for these photos.

And my favorite one is the first one on this blog entry:

More in the next entry from that same photo session!

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  1. Such a cutie.

    And I'm dying over Christian's commentary to his teacher. :)