Saturday, February 19, 2011

Obvious Blog Takeover...(and some January odds and ends)

I've really been struggling lately - depression wise. Sure, some of it can be attributed to typical post-partum stuff, but a lot of it has to do with having to return to work. I am clearly not ready, but I have to go back. I have so many anxieties about it, but I don't want to go into all of them here. If I did, it would work me up again and spoil the mood of this whole hodgepodge entry.

Yeah, it's clear that 'Unseasonably Warm' has become 'The Alexander Blog' as of late. And it may seem unfair to Mikelle and Christian, but believe me, Alexander is the star of the house too and his siblings certainly have no problem with that. They still want to hold him all the time, they love all over him, and when I have pictures of him on screen, they want to look at them over and over again.

Still, Christian and Mikelle are still the stars of our lives too. I promise! I tried to take a picture of them last night when I found them cuddled together on Christian's bed. But Mikelle woke up and yelled at me, and the camera was dead. Seriously, it would have been a great picture!

A few weeks ago, Christian and the rest of the first grade were in a production called 'The Frog and the Toad'. The production represents an entire year, so the first grade classes were divided into seasons. Christian's class were "Winter", so he was in the snow hat and his Penguin CHILL shirt. He was also part of an Autumn Leaves song. During the Autumn Leaves song, every time he walked passed the microphone, he leaned into it so we could hear him.

And here are some pictures we took of him after the production:

Mikelle took a lot of these pictures of Christian at the play.

And remember Daddy? Yes, Chris? Here he is, a few weeks ago with Alexander (I know, that brings this back to "Alexander's Blog" again). But we can't leave Chris out! And he's currently sick with the flu (first diagnosed as pneumonia, but after going back to doctor, he did test positive for the flu) and I doubt readers or this writer wants to go on and on about that.

He is the best baby daddy. He just loves little babies and loves having a new baby in the house. Seeing him with Alexander, it almost makes me want to have more babies. Almost. I also love how he shares in all the baby responsibility. Sure, since I'm home more, I do the most, but when he's home, it's 50/50. I love that. No woman in this day in age should put up with any laziness from the husbands and father of her children when it comes to home duties. It's a partnership.

And on that note, I hope this next picture doesn't reflect Alexander's true feelings when he's grown and sees how much of his cuteness that was plastered all over this blog for everyone to see:

That picture just makes me laugh.

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  1. That picture makes me laugh, too! And I'm loving the bib.

    Sorry you have to go back to work. Ugh.'s getting closer to school letting out. Make a paper chain...