Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super "Bowel" Sunday.

Aka, Diaper Days...

Sure, with a new baby (another baby post, Jill? Seriously? Um, yeah!), every day is Diaper Day. But today was especially eventful.

This morning's Facebook post:
The kids changed one of Alexander's diapers by themselves. They brought him back to me with no clothes - just the diaper, and wet hair because they said he pee'd in his face and hair.
My follow-up comments:
Oh, and the diaper was on backwards. Luckily, the baby wasn't crying and just went with the "flow".
And the conversation that followed from FB friends and myself contained more anecdotes of similar experiences, other boy "fountains" and the effects on siblings. Christian was so sweet to go get the baby bathtub so we can give Alexander a quick bath after the "shower".

THEN...onto church. So I'm sitting in Relief Society (for those of you that aren't familiar, it's the last hour block of just the women's group...) and there are some sweet messages and tears shed by others with spiritual experiences relating to the lesson.

Then, Alexander wakes up and he's a little fussy. I notice he needs a diaper change and it's Number Two along with being wet, so it should have been rather uneventful that I stepped out to change him.

After changing him, I come back in, and then he starts making really loud grunting noises and you can hear...literally hear him filling the diaper with more fun and then his "ahhh..." sound of relief from getting it out. Seriously kid? I just changed you. Other women are laughing (not loud, but quietly to themselves). The woman next to me says, "oh, he's just starting to embarrass you. This is nothing." Of course being Christian's mom, I know that all too well.

I look at Alexander's back and I can see "it" (you know, "it" happens) literally about to creep out of the diaper up his back. So once again, less than five minutes after the previous change, I step out to change him again (dude kid, diapers aren't cheap! lol).

So I change him again. It's all good. I have a conversation with a sweet lady I know in the bathroom (the same lady whose house the dog ran into when he got out earlier this week, but that's another story), and then I go back - again - into the Relief Society room.

Well, you can guess what happened AGAIN. Yes, the same thing. By now, I'm laughing to myself trying not to be loud, but some of it creeped out (you know, like what was in Alexander's diaper). After all, practically the whole room was aware of the situation because the baby doesn't make his deposits quietly.

I didn't take him out this third time. There were only a few minutes left. During the closing prayer, his face gets all red again and he starts to grunt again. I thought, "please no, not the 'filling diaper' noise during the prayer!" Thankfully, if he did add to his deposit, I didn't hear it. But after the prayer, I subsequently looked at the diaper from his back, and the same "deposit" was threatening to creep out of his diaper again.

I was complimented in the hall for the comical occurrence.

And that's Super Bowel Sunday. I guess the Packers won. No connection to the word "Packers" with what Alexander did in Relief Society. I'm not a football person, and thankfully neither is Chris.

Tonight we watched America's Funniest Home Videos, played "Pictureka" and then I watched Dateline while Mikelle complained about its serious subject (<--linkie) and despite the happy ending and miraculous outcome, she was upset about it being on. But oh, earlier, we did make Play-Dough for her school project on the state of Florida. As we're making the Play-Dough (which had to be warmed over the stove - not my favorite activity) Christian says, "It smells like FEET." I start to laugh. Christian matter of factually says, "Don't laugh at me. That's what it smells like." I then had "Friends" flashbacks of Ross saying Rachel's dessert tasted like feet.

So...the smell of feet and things that fill baby diapers. Happy Super Bowel Sunday. Stay Classy.

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  1. What are you talking about? He "Packed" his diaper, didn't he? The kid obviously chose his team.

    Too funny!