Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Christmas Baby and Winter Temperatures? HEAVEN!

Sure, I might be hormonal and sleep deprived, but we have WINTER here. That's a big deal. The calendar and position of the earth might say "winter", but here in Hell (I mean, the Phoenix area), the message isn't received that often.

Not only is it rare to have one day in the 40s as the high, but we get two!

Yesterday, we drove in the nice winter rain up to Wickenburg to show my Mom our land. It was 44 degrees at our land site.

I wanted to get a family picture there together (rain or not) but the CF card wasn't in the camera. Grrrrrr! But it was still a nice visit and it reminds me more and more that I want to move on and get there! I just wish we can start building sooner than later, but I'm concentrating on the positive aspect that we have the land. That's a big step!

Here are the Realtor pictures of our land, taken long before we bought it. It would have been nice to have a wintery picture of the family in front of the land in the rain, but this is the next best thing....

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