Thursday, December 2, 2010

Typical Day: Drama and Hilarity

Well, I'm officially on leave now, and in true "me" fashion, I'm grateful and feeling terribly guilty. Yeah, my brain is an amusement park of chaos. I'm glad I can spend the mornings laying down and napping and after getting the kids from school, go back to laying down. Yesterday, despite resting a lot, I probably tried to do too much after getting the kids. However, life doesn't stop for my preggo issues and it's also Christmastime.

First of all, yesterday, after laying down all morning into the afternoon like I'm supposed to, I pick up Christian from school. There is about 45 mins in between getting him and getting Mikelle at the bus stop, so he and I went to Kohls where I *hoped* to use my Kohls cash for a new diaper bag.

ANYWAY, so we're checking out (they don't carry diaper bags! So I got a few baby clothes) and the two ladies in front of me have piles of Kohls cash (geez, how much did they initially spend to get that much Kohls cash? dayummm) and a crazy transaction dividing up their piles of crap into more than one transaction.

The store isn't busy, but the line starts to back up, thanks to the professional shoppers. I'm just chillin' as I have plenty of time before getting to Mikelle's bus stop, so I just chat with the lady behind me. They said there was no waiting in the Men's Dept at the other end of the store, but I wasn't waddling down there.

Then we see another employee go on another register next to us and start to tinker with the computer getting ready to open the line.
Before the lady has a chance to say anything to relieve the line, Christian gets in between the two registers, looks at everyone in line, points to the new register and loudly goes (this is word for word) "THIS REGISTER IS NOW OPEN!!!!" The long line started laughing and I wanted to die. The lady who was checking out the professional shoppers says, "well, he's hired..."

I said, pointing to my big preggo belly: "And THAT is why there are 6 years between this one and him."

Mikelle's Flu Shot
Everyone but Mikelle had been taken care of with Flu Shots this year. When they were doing it at her school a few weeks ago, I forgot to do the paper work. So yesterday after I picked her up from the bus stop, I rushed to the doctor's office to get her one and they wouldn't let us sign in for one after 4pm, so I thankfully got her in there at 3:52.

What's unusual, is even though Mikelle is 10, she gets so worked up with things like this. Not only shots, but when she had strep in July, taking her to the doc to get her throat swabbed to confirm that it was strep was a dramatic production. She just gets us anxious and the worry builds up and her worry is worse than the initial shot or throat swab. Therefore, I wasn't looking forward to how this was going to be, but with a baby coming, I wanted to make sure everyone was protected as well as we could be.

Therefore, when the nurse got her in the seat, Mikelle started to panic. Christian was no help, saying, "Mikelle! You're 10 years old!" That didn't help. The nurse was to the point - telling her if she didn't sit still and calm down, they would have to have someone help hold her down. I asked Christian to go over there and hold her hand (and not say anything rude) and he was sweet and complied.

When they stuck her, Mikelle screamed and while holding her hand, Christian started to cry for her. Therefore, we had 2 crying kids and one shot. I am so happy he's a loving brother who doesn't like to see his sister in pain (unless he's the one giving it to her). As a result of the drama, both kids ended up with stickers and lollypops.

Turkeys, Bullies and Vegetarians
I have to end on this funny bit. So Mikelle likes to write and illustrate stories. Last week on Thanksgiving and into the weekend, she was writing one about a turkey that gets chased by the same bully every year. She drew the bully very streotypically: Muscles, Skull shirt, etc etc.

Then she wrote: But the turkey knew the bully's weakness...
The bully's mom always looks out the window of her apartment and the mom is a vegetarian and doesn't like her son to chase meat.


  1. Bria and Mikelle are kindred with the shots and the doctor. Which is why I'm a terrible mother and just don't bother with the flu shots for her. I did the mist one year, but she seriously almost never gets sick. Why bother? :)

    Christian is CRACKING me up! Hoo boy.

  2. So sorry about the shot trauma. I guess we all have our little fears. Mikelle - getting the shot is a lot better than getting the flu.