Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We Survive Together

So Chris sent his Dad and Step-Mom a letter with some of our home news where they're serving their mission in South Africa. Chris's dad made a statement to the effect of:

I love you and appreciate what you are doing with your family. It's a wonder that our children survive considering the on the job training nature of being a parent. Keep up the great work.

Chris replied: When I read your statement on our children surviving I had to laugh out loud. That is so true. Sunday Christian rolled the truck into the street. He came running into the house screaming that he didn’t know “that” (the gear shift) was part of the break. I thought I didn’t have to explain the workings of a vehicle till he was 15 (he's 6!!!), I guess I was wrong. He had taken it out of gear and the natural slope of the driveway started it rolling into the street. No cars were coming and it stopped before it hit a neighbors car, thank goodness.

What's funny, is just before that happened, we sent Christian back outside to get something out of the backseat of the truck that he left there and was supposed to bring in the first time. When it was quiet and he was gone longer than he should have been, I had that "feeling" and told Chris to go check on him. Chris had a bad headache and wasn't really up to it (he was grumpy). Then, we heard the screaming. It was weird because Mikelle wasn't home, so there was no one to fight with. And our next door neighbors were putting up their Christmas lights, and Christian doesn't fight with them! Chris went outside and there was our truck in the middle of the street.

Later Chris said he remembered that I had that "feeling" just prior to it happening and mentioned he should go out there and check on him. I don't think he likes that I was right. But that's the mother's intuition for you.

And yes, the picture above isn't really a fair assessment of Christian's intellect. He's VERY intelligent, actually - to our detriment and stress level. It'll pay off someday. The picture is more indicative of a 6 year behind the wheel, no matter how smart he is.

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