Monday, December 27, 2010

Alexander's First Christmas

While it was low-key, and quiet, we enjoyed celebrating Christmas with our new little one, who at just shy of 3 days old, had his very first Christmas.

12/24/10 - Coming Home

We brought him home in the afternoon of Christmas Eve, which is a very special time to bring a baby home! Mikelle was at a friend's house until that afternoon, but Daddy and Christian helped Mommy bring Alexander home. Christian got a few more loving Big Brother pictures in the hospital before we left. We brought him home in his cute lil' reindeer outfit. Thank goodness the antlers aren't real. Could you imagine THAT kind of delivery? Yeow!!

Once home, Mikelle arrived and we took some important "coming home" pics with Alexander and his big brother and sister.

12/25/10 - Christmas Day

Santa brought Alexander a blue "Baby's First Christmas" stocking, and he got some toys from his big sister and big brother. A special gift Mommy received from Daddy and the kids was a locket with Mikelle and Christian's pictures in it, already holding their brand new baby brother. :-)Mommy put him in a Santa hat and got some very important Christmas pictures of him!

Mikelle and Christian absolutely adore him and are so happy to have him here. Sure, it gets hectic, as it is supposed to. They especially want to hold him all the time, and sometimes it's just not possible. However, I am so happy to have these two who already have a special bond with one another and are so happy to have this new baby brother in their lives.

Here is Mikelle and Christian Christmas Morning, and you can see their baby brother behind them, really enjoying the festivities around him. lol Please excuse Christian's attire, as he was too excited about Christmas to change out of his nightime Pull-Up into his daytime regular underwear.

Hey! Christian has pants! I'm not sure if this is before or after the picture above. Seriously, it could be either.

One of the presents for Alexander, from his big sister.

Christmas Day also marked Alexander's first little sponge bath at home. Again, all you're going to get of me (picture-wise) are hands. That's the best I can do for now. I took a picture with him the day before as we were leaving the hospital and EUW. Sure, Alexander is cute, but I offset that and ruin the picture.

And before I forget, the "stats" from the board in the hospital, on 12/22 when I delivered. I was a little alarmed that his initial Apgar Score was a 7, but thankfully all is well with Alexander. The cord was around his shoulders which made the last part of delivery a little more difficult (as opposed to Christian, who just slid right on out. Mikelle? Oy. That was one delivery that deserves it's own posting - or BLOG for that matter. Seriously.)
Christmas - Baby Please Come Home

U2's version of Christmas-Baby, Please Come Home has always been my favorite Christmas song (but it has to be U2's version. The rest don't come close! Not even the 60s original). This year, it had been making me weepy for weeks leading up to Alexander's birth. Of course, having him on 12/22 and bringing him home on Christmas Eve, I think I'll always tear up now when I hear it:

Here it is - in raw U2 form - only the way Bono and the boys can do it (:cry:) Click here or go here (it starts after the first 20 seconds):


  1. Wonderful pics. You have such adorable children. Glad A. is doing well.

  2. Aww, he's such a cute little guy! I'm impressed that your kids want to hold him.

  3. Sweet photos! Congrats on your new bundle of joy!! :-)

  4. Oh Jill you are so blessed. Your children are beautiful and the newest one is so precious. I can see how special your Christmas was this year. Enjoy every second of it. :)

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog Jill! He's so cute! I think he's gonna look like daddy (poor kid lol). I love the little reindeer suit. I need one for my cat ;)