Sunday, February 8, 2015

Assemble the Minions!!!

It's not very often I get all jazzed about a recipe or some Pinterest post with something that is in the neighborhood of cooking (or food related at all). However, this is an exception to a cute little cupcake pin I saw that I figured I would try out. 

I don't know - maybe it's because I'm now in the throws of  online classes plus going to work part of the week as a substitute teacher, that I figured it would be fun to try something different in my last couple days of pre-class freedom.

I don't know when or if I'll be motivated enough to do this again. I'm usually not into making this much of an effort with food! haha

These actually weren't that hard to do. The issue I ran into was how time consuming it was minionizing each half-twinkie. And if one wants to take the time to put the little hairs on top the Minion's Twinkie heads (that for some reason I found necessary), it is time consuming as well. 

Even though the Minion cupcakes were not my idea or recipe (it was just my idea to try them out), I'll list the instructions here with some added tips I did come up with on my own - even though it was just common sense stuff.  

Of course if you're a major baking purest, you can make the cake and frosting from scratch. If that's your thing, knock yourself out. However, due to how time consuming the assembling of the Minion heads can be, the instructions I'm listing contain the short cuts with cake mixes and pre-made icing. 
Minion Cupcakes
1 box vanilla cake mix 
 (but any flavor you want should be fine. There is even blue velvet cake mixes...if you desire to keep the blue of their denim consistent...your choice. I went with a butter flavored vanilla cake mix this time around....)
2 boxes of Twinkies 

(10 in each box = 20 Minion Heads per'll  have extra Twinkies...use them to bribe your minions - the kids - to help you clean up afterwards) 
1 can of white/vanilla pre-made icing
Food coloring 

(your choice of color - I used the blue this time, obviously)
1 tube of Ready-To-Use Black Icing  (Tube with the small opening)
1 package of Candy Eyeballs. 

(I saw them at a Fry's/Kroger, but I got these at a Party supply store (Party City). Also, check craft stores such as Michaels, Hobby Lobby or JoAnn - if they sell cake making stuff, they most likely sell these eyeball candies too.)
Chocolate sprinkles 

(for the little hairs on their heads)
Don't forget to make sure you have cupcake baking paper cups and a cupcake baking pan!

After baking 24 cupcakes, allow cupcakes cool completely.  Depending on your schedule, this could be good time to assemble the minions.

With the food coloring, add the chosen color to the icing (frosting). 

Cut each Twinkie in half. I recommend having the Twinkies in the freezer for at least a half hour before dissecting them. That way they're easier to cut and not as squishy when you're minionizing them. 

Original Minion instructions say: Dab a bit of black icing on the back of each eyeball and place on Twinkie. Outline eyes to make goggles and run down side of minion head. 

However, I drew on the goggles first and then placed the eyeball over the circle area. It's up to you and which method works better. 

Add chocolate sprinkles to top of each Twinkie for hair. This step could also be done after the minion head is added to the cupcake. Again, it's up to you which method works better.

Divide icing over cupcakes just before adding the minion to the cupcake. That way, the icing will still be soft and it'll be easier to firmly place the minion in the center. 

Place Twinkie cut side down on top of the frosted cupcake. 

Make sure it's not too warm when your minion head is vertical on top of cupcake. If so, the black frosting on the minion's face (the goggles) can melt and the eyeball(s) can slide down. Therefore, don't put the finished products under any hot lights or anything like that. 

And that's my moment of making more of an effort in the kitchen than usual. 

Moving on...

After a couple days of trying to head to the house-building site and not quite making it, here are some photos taken today. This is so exciting! The walls to the lower level/walk-out basement are almost finished. 

Standing about where the lower level back porch and door will be...

Looking east....
South part of the house, looking north/northeast

Until next time!

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