Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Progress and Polka-dots

I miss Melvin! He's in storage...
Okay, I'm trying to re-group from the craziness of last week. Yes, the ridiculous heat is still around making our already diminutive winter even shorter. I'm trying not to pay attention to it too much. I just become upset when I do.

Interesting Irony: Storm Trooper socks under the boots at the temple...
For Valentines Day, Chris and I went to the temple and then afterwards we realized we needed to add a Monster to our collection. My Melvin is in storage and I've missed him so much. 

This is a smaller friend for him. He still needs to be fired in the kiln and then I can bring him home in a couple of days. We don't have a name for him yet. Then in July (crossing my fingers that July is the latest!), when the house is done, these two can hang out in the kitchen together. 
Our new lil' Monster....oooh, who is that hottie in the background?

Speaking of the house, some additional photos were taken last week and then yesterday. 

Last Wednesday:
 In the pictures from yesterday (2/16), outlines for windows and doors could be seen:

 Also for yesterday, a long overdue pedicure was in order. Sure, the dark blue toenails with the polka-dots are nice, but what I really needed? The nice foot and leg massage that came with it. I could have sat there another hour or two for that. With how heat sensitive I am, one may think I wouldn't like the use of the hot stones to accompany the massage. But I do. 

Maybe with the fact that I'm a substitute teacher now, I can budget for more frequent leg massages - I mean, pedicures.

Euuuuw! lol

Now I have to talk Chris into having a pedicure with me. I have seen so many men in there. There was a regular at the salon in Queen Creek who looked like he drove a truck for a living. He was always getting a pedicure with his wife. You hear that, Chris? On an upcoming date, let's go get some pedicures. I know I'll never get you to jog with me. I can accept that. So how about pedicures? 

And it makes tackling hard things more manageable! haha

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