Friday, February 27, 2015

I Defy You, Zazzy Stars!

Just a quick Friday blog post to share one of Mikelle's laughter moments. She was having a bad evening last night. It was one of those teenager things where she was upset and didn't know why. After she was picked up from Creative Writing after school, she wasn't pleased that we camped out at the land/home site with our contractor and discussed soil and concrete for awhile (but cool picture below of X-man on the stairs!) 

She also didn't want to go to Diary Queen afterwards, but we dragged her there anyway. By the time we got home, the cranky and sadness had mutated profusely. Mom and Dad were starting to suffer from its effects.

But two things snapped her out of it. She was talking about reading  Romeo and Juliet in her English/Language Arts class and making fun of the odd 90s-modern portrayal of Romeo and Juliet. They didn't see that movie in class. Apparently, there are pictures from the movie in their book. And there is some audio from the movie their teacher has shared. I think the best part of her story was how she would share about how her teacher would be making fun of it. She was also very passionate in her feelings of how Mercutio was portrayed and she would go on about how Leonardo DiCaprio wasn't cute at all and he was one ugly crier with his painful lamenting. 
Plus, what is the deal with that shirt? I want it. I don't know why. It's just so odd and weird...I want it. Not necessarily to wear in public, but it's just intriguing to me enough to want to see it in my closet. Kind of like on Friends when Rachel wanted the weird shell lamp. 
And the other thing that brought the laughter out in her last night was this Big Bang Theory episode where Sheldon starts hoarding cats. This was a few years back, but the re-run is on our DVR. That episode is now locked (protected) and she kept rewinding this part and watching it over and over again. 

And as mentioned above, here is our X-man hanging out on the stairs that were framed this week. I cannot contain my excitement. Even a few things that have gone wrong don't bother me. They're nothing compared to the excitement of this project coming along.

For example, there is supposed to be a built in desk/shelf on the bottom/walk-out level, but the way the stairs were framed (long story and I'm not going to show a picture because it just looks like wood frames....and therefore....zzzzzzz), that desk cannot be built in the way the plans were made. But you know what? I don't care! Well, I care a little bit. But not enough to become all nutty about it. Yes, I want a built in and it'll be there. It just has to be done differently and maybe it'll stick out more. I don't know. I'm just so excited for this house.
Last detail: This was taken about an hour after Alexander got up on a table at McDonalds (it was a Teacher Fundraiser event going on there for Christian's school) and took off his pants. So yes, the crowded Wickenburg McDonalds. A tour bus full of elderly folks had just arrived too. Yeah, great timing with the school event, huh?

So there we were. Multiple teachers, parents I knew, and kids (peers of Christian) and Alexander took off his pants.  I usually wouldn't go to that crowded McDonalds (plus, it has no play area! What's that about?!), but in the 7 months we've been here, we haven't attended a fundraiser event, so I knew it was important.

Until next time.

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