Wednesday, March 4, 2015

March Showers Bring Desert Flowers

I'm in a bit of a fog today (no pun intended with the first posted picture) as I attempt to write a quick post. 

However, despite whatever achy, scratchy, and phlegmy crud I have, it's been refreshing to usher in March with the beautiful rain and clouds again. Needing a jacket the last couple of days has been nice. It's not so much that we "needed" a jacket. It's just nice to have a bit of a nip in the air and not have to shed layers so quickly. And the desert with the clouds and rain is so beautiful. 

I wish I had taken a lot of pictures out this way. I didn't, so I stole this one that was posted from the Superstitions. It definitely makes the point. It saddens me that some see this as "gloomy". In my opinion this trumps any old boring sunset picture on any given day! Such weather and views is one of the most enduring things about having to live through the disgusting summer months! The last few days are a breathtaking reminder about one of the few things I do love about living here. Yes, there are a few things.  

Seeing that picture also makes me want to head to Lost Dutchman State Park for a hike. It's one of my favorite local hikes. Of course now, it's more of a drive than it used to be. However, if it could be timed well with the clouds and cooler temperatures, it is certainly be something I want to do. Now with it being March, time is limited. Therefore, if the opportunity doesn't come this year, there's always next year. 
Anyway, this past Monday morning I was surprised by a sale of one of my original pieces! Sure, I do custom commission originals all the time, but I think this is the first of an original of one of my other designs that has sold in a couple of years! 

I quickly sent it off to its new home in Minnesota. Of course the print of this design along with this design for iPhones and other mobile devices are always available. 

One of the mobile devices with the Ice Cream design!
This reminds me. I need to focus and sit down to modify some of my other existing designs for Dynomighty wallets and update the mobile devices that the artwork is made available for. I also have an idea for two more music tributes that would make a fun design.  

That also reminds me of finishing up some art for a friend's birthday in less than 2 weeks. Between that and substitute teaching and finishing a huge online class for a requirement on my certification that I've put off way too long (and I think has been the reason for some reoccurring disturbing dreams I've had for years...more on that in an upcoming entry), it's time to end this post and get to work. 

That is, after more Ibuprofen kicks in. 

Until next time.  

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