Saturday, July 5, 2014

Commotion on the Emotion Ocean

Another cheesy title. But I'm trying to keep the humor going, even if it's cheesy. 

We're now in the final stages of making this move happen. 

Our final Fourth of July living in Queen Creek was celebrated yesterday by taking the kids to see Muppets: Most Wanted at the cheap theater. Chris and I saw it on our own months ago at the regular there were no interruptions or drama about holding popcorn or a parent embarrassing a certain teenage person with comments during the previews. 

After the movie was the annual Fourth of July party at Chris's cousin Brandon's in San Tan Valley. It's such a treat to see family and even though it'll be a drive to continue the tradition next year, it's certainly worth it. 
However, it isn't without its stress (if my alluding to the movie stress didn't already communicate that). Huge family gatherings with fireworks and people of all ages running around makes for a frustrating evening with a 10yo with ADHD who is most likely high functioning Aspergers and has sensory issues. I'm not throwing Christian under the bus, nor am I making excuses for him. I'm just acknowledging as a parent that there are extra challenges.  

July 4, 2014 Hug in Motion. Alexander moving lightning fast to hug a pretty girl (his cousin Selina).
Above is a picture of Alexander (who already ditched his shoes apparently) moving so fast to hug a pretty girl (his cousin Selina), that we could barely see him. 

And sorry to follow up with the picture of me that needed  filtering edits. Regardless, I managed to steal a picture with Alexander.  Of course my hair is so thin, I look bald when it's pulled up and/or pulled back.

Pre-school Graduation
Anyway, back to the "Emotion Ocean", as I continue the photo/office organizing so I don't move one mess to the next place to still be a mess.  Here are some chronological but otherwise random flashback photos for a Saturday. Besides, I skipped a few of the official flashback/throwback/wayback official "days" due to all the fun to be had in this transitional and busy time, so it's just going to have to be now. 

Christmas Eve 1993
I have always loved this picture (above). And I remember walking by my grandparents (waving at them) when I graduated from pre-school.  Therefore, I guess that was the Class of 1980 if you want to get technical. This was back when my grandfather would attend these events more often. As time went on, he would remain at home. :-( I'm not concentrating on the times he stayed behind. I'm loving the memories that a photo like this brings back and the smile on his face. 

Also pertaining to those same Grandparents, here I am (left) with with my two cousins (and my sister Kariann - her eyes and nostrils, especially) Lori and Shauri on Christmas Eve 1993. I was 18 and Kariann was 9.  Those Christmas Eve's celebrated at Grandma and Grandpa's is what made Christmas feel like Christmas.  I miss those days. 

Next is a Henrichsen family photo from October 2001, at Nana's (Chris's mother) funeral. Pictured is Chris's dad (far left) and Chris and his sisters and spouses and children. At the time, Mikelle was the youngest grandchild on the Henrichsen side. Chris is holding her - she's 14 months. Six more grandchildren would follow in the next nine years. 

Now Alexander is the youngest on the Henrichsen side, and that's where it'll stay.  Alexander's middle name is Layne, named after his uncle Gary whose middle name is Layne (second from left, next to Chris's dad), because Gary would sadly pass away May 2010.
Henrichsen Family October 2001

June 2006 - SW Colorado
Above is Mikelle when she was about 2 months away from turning 6 years old. This is a beautiful viewpoint along the highway between Durango and Silverton, Colorado. I also have a picture of both kids looking at the view. I'll have to share it in a subsequent entry. I also wanted to use this picture because of the few friends that have been able to spend this holiday weekend up in such mountain (or beach) destinations with cooler temperatures. Some posted their views on Facebook, and I could just feel the air. Of course the best place to be is a destination with both mountain and beach views: The Oregon Coast. One more year for that fun little summer trip!

The next photo is one of my favorite family photos, taken November 2006. Mikelle was 6 and Christian was 2 1/2+.
November 2006
Age 3 - Fall or Winter 2007
I came upon a few cute cards with pictures. This one is from what I think was Christian's Sunbeam class at church. The kids were told to make goofy faces for the photo. Christian's just cracks me up. I also love his green tractor sweater. I hope it still fits Alexander this Fall/Winter. I should have brought it out for Alexander last Fall/Winter! Grrrrr! I forgot all about the awesome green tractor sweater.

This next one is from pre-school about a year and half later.

Mothers Day Card - 2009 - Age 5

Last is an adorable picture of Mikelle and Alexander (or Alexander and Mikelle, depending on which way you want to look at it). This was taken Mothers Day 2011. Alexander was 5 1/2 months and Mikelle was 11 1/2+. 

Yes, the topsy turvy way of looking at that adorable picture is another way of describing the plethora of emotions. 

Topsy turvy. 

Until next time...

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