Thursday, July 17, 2014

Exhaustion in the Trenches

It shouldn't be a surprise that the exhaustion and emotional trepidation has been front and center this week. And because life is what happens while we're making other plans, other sources of exhaustion and emotional trepidation do not want to patiently wait until this move is over. They're part of the circus as well. 

Super X-man
I told Chris that it would be nice if someone around here had superpowers. 

Well, someone does. Alexander. 

In this case, his infinite energy and superpowers aren't exactly helpful.
I don't even have time to be writing this entry, but after a night of RLS attacks and lack of sleep because of it, my energy is severely lacking more than usual. I scheduled a massage tonight to initially help with the tension and stress, but now it's clearly for help with the RLS. Therefore, I don't feel too guilty now for the "me time" massage in all this craziness. I need sleep! 

I'm also grateful for my friend Melissa and her daughter who stopped by out of the blue yesterday and said they had an hour and wanted to use it to help me pack. That was awesome considering when they rang the doorbell, Alexander was literally crawling on my body demanding my full attention and therefore depleting any progress to be made other than the objective he had in mind (Chris and the other two were making a Wickenburg run with the trailer).

I was nice and gave them stuff in the linen closet to pack, as well as my summer art class supplies that had made their home in the laundry room. If I was mean, I would have had them deal with Mikelle's room or some not so pleasant items from other parts of the house that I've also been avoiding. However, I'm not mean to sweet angels who show up out of the blue to help like that.

As for the waterworks - yeah, they hit yesterday. I knew it was bound to happen. People are posting on a neighborhood community page (that I was checking due to other matters) about teachers their kids have received for 5th grade at Queen Creek Middle School. Christian won't be headed there of course and even worse, not continuing in the district's awesome Gifted program and the other resources that has that has made things so wonderful. I found myself tearing up just reading comments on teachers and their kids being in a friend's class or not in a friend's class. 

Some of the free items. Bench was not included.
Then, there was the matter of someone in the neighborhood taking my black park bench thinking it was part of the free items I offered and posted. I was careful to list the items that were available (stroller, cute girls' butterfly sleeping bag, annoying decorative signs that I thought were not annoying at one time, two easels, etc etc). 

Well, someone thought the bench was part of the offerings and it was gone. 

Sure, in my exhaustion I could have just shrugged my shoulders and thought "one less thing to move". But no. I painted that bench last Fall to make Halloween decor look better, and I like that bench. Plus, it's needed on the porch of the rental home in Wickenburg. 

I got right to work on the community board where I  initially offered the items as asked that the bench be returned. I said there would be no online shaming (that is such a prevalent fad these days) or questions asked. 

Still, I figured it would most likely be a lost cause. 

I didn't expect the gentlemen who took it to post on there some hours later that it was him and it was an honest mistake and he was bringing it back right away. If it was me, and I had taken it (mistakenly thinking it was up for grabs), I would have returned it in the dead of night! And I most likely wouldn't have indicated that it was me. I would have left a note with it that said "Sorry. Thought it was available...Peace..."

But he brought it right back. So then of course, I feel guilty because he was so nice about it. Clearly that means I'll worry and feel guilty no matter what. :sigh: Still though - it's the kind of community and neighborly unity that this situation demonstrated that contributes to the many reasons that it is hard to leave. 

Well, instead of figuring out a way to end this entry, I'll just get back to work.  

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