Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Doodle to Kick Off we "Move" the Blessings Forward...

Sunday Doodle with Positive Inspirations
This is an abbreviated post for the July 6th Sunday Doodle. and this will be a busy week ahead as more packing and work pertaining to the move is commenced. 

Chris and I also speak this upcoming Sunday. Some may think it's just "one more thing" we don't need on our plate right now with all the craziness of the move, but I am actually delighted to speak. First of all, it'll be our last Sunday there, so if I/we screw it up, we won't have to be back to face anyone again.

But seriously, the theme of talks is loosely on "recognizing blessings in our lives" which is quite apropos for this move. As much as this move is a whirlwind of emotions and stress, and yes sadness for what we are leaving behind, it's a blessing. Chris will be home an hour sooner each day (and he can sleep an hour later in the mornings) and eventually we'll have a larger home with more breathing space (within a year...pretty please!).  

I know I've mentioned this before, so forgive me for bringing it up again. When Chris was unemployed over and over over the space of almost four years, we would have welcomed the stress of a move like this with open arms, as opposed to where we were back then and the uncertainty we faced.

Of course it's easy to forget the bad times that were so much worse and grumble at the trials we now face. And they are there - don't get me wrong. My biggest trepidation is leaving loved ones and familiarity and of course, the wonderful resources and team for Christian with Queen Creek Unified School District. However, if we look back with perspective and see how far we've come, we need to have faith of the blessings in our lives as we begin this new chapter.
"Dr. Who" iPhone 4 Case still available! $10

There is not much of an art update at this time, due to the moving fun. On a whim, I did post these iPhone 5 (and one iPhone 4) case on my own FB wall the other night hoping to sell them for a low price. Within minutes, my friend Robyn bought all three of iPhone 5 cases. Sure, the blessing could be the extra pocket money, and that is nice, but I see it for something much larger - friends who are helping others and the relationships (even if just online due to far away locales) we share taking a peak into each others' lives. 

That's there long after the transaction is made.

That alone is a huge blessing.

Until next time...

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