Thursday, March 27, 2014

March Madness, Minecraft and In Memory...

"Mad Hatter" by Ben Heine
Don't get all excited about the March Madness title. It has nothing to do with basketball. However, it does have to do with madness and it is March.

The definition of madness that I found was:

noun: madness
the state of being mentally ill, esp. severely.

HA! Okay, not that kind of madness (see Ben Heine's funky Johnny Depp Mad Hatter art to the right). The madness I'm referring to is just the typical chaos and craziness in life. Alexander qualifies for that craziness.  

Case in point: Tuesday morning, I bribed him with my iPod all through Target. I didn't need that many things, but he has proven that going out in public for the smallest and mundane task can be daunting. 

I made it clear that he could keep playing with it as long as he kept his butt sitting in the cart and didn't stand up. (I swear that kid was born with a spring in his posterior area)

I was checking out and he climbed out of the cart and did some circus move from the cart to the check out thing and just hung there. 


 I put him back in the cart and took the iPod and he pitched a fit. As we were leaving, someone actually went, "awwww!" at his crying begging for the iPod. He has everyone snowed. Really, when he's crying, he attracts sympathy from all corners of the world. He can work people over like the mafia. 

And then people wonder why I'm not quite right in the head.

I mean, just look at this picture Chris found on his phone. It was taken that sole rainy winter day (day of the Cultural Celebration) when we were in Wickenburg. Look at his face. 

"I have them all fooled...." Alexander
He makes me crazy, but I love him.
Taken last Sunday, 3/23/14

Minecraft Madness
Two weeks ago, the Saturday before Christian's 10th birthday, Christian had his Minecraft birthday party. I didn't post about it at the time, because I was rather tapped out with "Minecraft Madness". 

But I can post them now. 

Chocolate "rocks" for Bedrock!
Large Creeper I made
Creeper Cake! So cool! No, I didn't make this... I have my limits! lol
10 Candles! Hard to believe!
Creeper Juice!
Christian made this dude...
Mikelle made this pig!

Jelly-bellies for "slime", marshmallows for "snow"...etc etc...
Chocolate rice krispy treats!
You wouldn't know it, but they're partying hard!
Treat Bags

Yeah, Chris and I are old. We crashed right at the end of the party and checked out! We looked like two crash-test dummies in our bed at 4pm! 

But around 8pm that night, I informed him I needed to go for a run (night run - no sun!) and he was going to meet me up at the clubhouse. Haha I wish I could get him on board with the running, but he has let me know it's not going to happen. Now if I can get him on the exercise bike and weights, then we're good.

In Memory

No Sunday doodle last Sunday. Instead, I drew this for my friend Marian who lost her precious boxer Autumn (she had a large cancer mass). I met Autumn a couple times and she was such a sweet dog. I feel so helpless in situations like this, so I felt the best thing was just to draw! I gave it to Marian Sunday night. 

I have also been commissioned to do this large Panda artwork from a customer who passed away from cancer last year. He loved Pandas. Circled in the belly are the lyrics to the Smiths "There is a Light that Never Goes Out"

I wasn't too sure about the eyes, but the customer said they were perfect, so I didn't do anything further with them.

I am honored to be a part of this special memory for her.

Flashback Friday post tomorrow!

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  1. That minecraft party looked amazing. miles kept mmm-ing with me.