Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Huzzah in the Desert!

Trying to focus on tasks at hand, and it's been a challenge. Between Spring Break and my propensity to distraction, I'm all over the place. 

Still...Chris and I made it to the Gilbert Temple today. He normally works for a living, but he's taking one extra day off a week for Spring Break (our school district has two weeks off for Spring, Fall and Christmas break). That's also a good thing because Christian's birthday party is this weekend and our backyard is all kinds of crazy! He and Christian have been working out there. Now if a neighbor happens to peek over the fence, I won't be completely embarrassed. Now, I'd be just partially embarrassed. 

Over the weekend, I went to the Renaissance Faire with my friend Sarah. I wasn't planning on going this year and I even mentioned that in a previous post. However, she pointed out that it would be the two of us without kids. I also knew that next year, I'd be over 100 miles from the Renaissance Faire and it would be even harder to make it work. 
Sarah and I at the Renaissance Faire 3/8/14
I could buy everything in this store if I could!

Love the teeth detail in this one!

I also looked at the forecast and there wouldn't be a cloud in sight and it would be close to 80. To some people, that would be a good thing, but not to me. It would be too hot and the sun is just too intense. I said "no" to her again. 

Then some sense came over me.

 I realized that this would be a great opportunity to hang out with a friend (and did I mention without kids and interruptions?). Sure, I wouldn't be able to really buy anything (especially after paying the admission price), but in adulthood, we give up on so many fun things all for practicality, convenience and "doing what is responsible". But what will we remember? Being responsible and "not" going? No. We'll remember going. So I agreed. 
I want! Oh, I want!
This  couple cracked us up!

I love the Greyhounds!

The fireball from hell (the sun) sure did a number on me though. I was quite "sun stressed" when I got home (my problems with the climate aren't just because I don't like it - my body is a vampire! It's not glitter though...it's sweat! Bleh), but it was worth it.  And for my overly critical attitude against the desert and having to be stuck here, the Superstition Mountain area of this desert is very beautiful.
Add more clouds and it would be perfect!

Sure, to me, it's more beautiful in the winter and on rainy days, but yes, it's still a beautiful desert (if you MUST live in a desert, this is a beautiful one). 

It is so beautiful, it almost landed me a speeding ticket once! When I worked in Coolidge, I normally took the usual and shortest route home through San Tan Valley. However, for some reason, after work on a Friday a few years ago (2008 probably), I had to go to Florence. I can't remember why, but it was a March day like this, but cooler and cloudier. 

The desert was also green from recent rains and there were some of those beautiful wild flowers. So I took a longer route home and headed up to the US 60 junction from Florence (79). As I headed west towards home on the 60 (near where the Renaissance Festival is held), the desert was just so breathtaking and the clouds covered the sun which put a nice diffused "blanket" on the landscape. To say I was "zoned out", would be an understatement. And by myself with no kids? With full constitution of the music and volume? Hell, yeah!

That's why I didn't see the cop. 

I knew I was guilty as the day is long (and beautiful and cloudy), but I was more bummed that the cop with his lights behind me was interrupting such an invigorating drive. 

He was an older "grandpa" type of officer with those wide brimmed hats that highway patrol officers often sport. I don't remember how fast he said I was going, but I know it was bad. 

He did ask, "Any particular reason why you were going that fast?" 

I told him exactly why. 

"I was just zoned out. It's a gorgeous day!"

"Zoned out, huh?" he asked.

I got a warning. 

I thanked him profusely and wished him a good day. 

By the way, the "zoned out" explanation didn't a work a year later on the way to California. Just saying.  

Oh well. 

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