Monday, March 31, 2014

1. Wake Up 2. Freak Out 3. Calm Down 4. Sleep

:Deep Breath:
It's the last day of March. 

Time to buckle up. Summer is coming. I'm not ready.  I stopped being "ready" for summer about 10 years ago.  Probably more than that. 

I'm feeling so overwhelmed.  We have to get this house ready for sale. We have to organize, clean, pre-pack (stuff we can pack now that we won't need even though we'll still be living here), have a yard sale this weekend, re-do the hallway flooring (it's THAT me), and other improvements. 

If that doesn't help, Chris is going into the crazy overtime period (this happens about twice a year) at work. Since he already works long hours and 90 miles away, this basically means anytime we do usually see him, we won't be seeing him. It makes more sense that  he crashes on a colleague's couch a couple of those nights. 

Don't get me wrong. I know all too well of the blessing  his job is. I thank my Heavenly Father for it daily. But it doesn't mean there aren't challenges to push through. 

I love the quote from President Monson that I put on yesterday's "Sunday Doodle". However, courage is only part of it. I have the courage. What I also need is motivation and energy.  

And I need patience. 

And to not freak out. 
No I'm Not

Here is a little funny from yesterday. Since Sundays generally are hard for me (no need to get into that can o' worms right now), this was awesome. It was about an hour before we left for Church. Chris sees a stuffed dog toy out in the hallway outside of Mikelle's room. It was actually originally wearing a graduation cap when we first got him as a gift when Chris graduated from college when Mikelle was still in utero. 

Chris picks up the toy, opens her door and asks if this is *still* hers (as she adopted it when she was little) or is it Alexander's now.

THIRTEEN year old Mikelle reluctantly and kind of pathetically goes, "'s mine...."
Chris: "Why was he out in the hall?"
Mikelle: "He was freaking me out last night."

That is funny enough, but then she continued: "...I had a hard time sleeping and I opened my eyes and I swear he was closer than a minute before that."
Chris: "So you put him out in the hall and closed your door?"
Mikelle: ".....yeah...."

LMAO! When he told me, I was dying. I sooooo needed that!

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