Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Tangled Ball of Yarn

There was no Way-Back Wednesday, Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday posts this week, due to computer issues. Then when it got resolved, there was too much catching up to do. I have a lot of projects going on (two custom projects plus some others) and it's exciting! I also made my 100th official sale on Etsy! Sure, technically, I have more than that (from some off-Etsy sales such as with local friends, etc), but it's exciting to see those three digits on my Etsy shop. And so far, all the customer reviews have been 5 stars!

I had to laugh at Christian, my techie, on Thursday when he was trying to resolve the computer issue. I had to run some errands, and when I returned, there were these notes from him on the screen. Keep in mind, he barely turned 10 on St. Patrick's Day. 
As for life in general, it's described as a tangled ball of yarn. Each thread represents specific emotions or stress (good or bad) and they're all balled up in there. 

It's almost impossible to pull on just one thread and have that single thread come out because of how tangled it i because it's knotted up with others.  Some of the threads are typical - such as kids, life, jobs, responsibilities, etc. 

Others are more complicated such as the transition between this house and moving 100 miles away and trying to make that all work. And when you have a teenage girl in the house WITH a techie genius little brother who has a fighting spirit WITH a toddler 3 year old boy who is tenacious, willful and too smart for his own good, and that's a level of crazy I cannot find the words to describe. 

My friend Charlie said to me this week:

"Wow, when your circus comes to town, all the acts show up, don't they?"

My answer to that is something along the lines of, "It's more than just all the acts showing up at once. I'm where the circus holds their yearly convention."

Back to the ball of yarn (or circus acts having their convention), as far as getting ready to move and (please please please) start building this house, that's more like 5 or 6 different threads all in one.  And it's also best that I not get into it. It's true what they say how building a house can really test people and relationships. Let's just say I'm failing the test.

At about 5am this morning, I heard the shower running and it confused me because it wasn't a work day for Chris. Then he informed me he was going to the temple. The tangled threads about the house and this big move prompted him in that direction. 

He came home with some upbeat thoughts and answers that I know he was able to receive because he went to the temple. I am so grateful he is that "in tune". 

Me? It's so much harder. I am glad I can rely on him for some spiritual insight. Sure, I have my soul searching, and I need to be in that Celestial Room just as much as he does. However, when it comes to specific problems and pondering, he knows when he is receiving the answers he is. Maybe it's the scientist/engineer part of his brain that is clicked on. 

Me? Just confusion.

Despite how grateful I was to see him go to the temple this morning and receive the help he needed, it is hard to see him stay up late two nights in a row, and then leave super early. He did the same thing with going to work Friday morning after I know he didn't get to bed until after midnight. The house plans and trying to make everything work is consuming him as well.

Wow...this post is turning out more somber or "bummed out" than I expected. Therefore, I'll end with the humor to help muddle through bad and/or tough and/or stressful situations (you know, "life"):

See a theme here? 

Until next time...

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  1. I seriously can relate to this right now! We're supposed to move to Ogden in 3 weeks (Mikkel is transferring schools) and we found some apartments we like but they all require proof of income for 3x the rent. But how do they expect me to get a job if I haven't moved down there yet?! Mikkel has a great job prospect but he probably won't officially get it until we get down there. He's really calm and feels like it will ask be fine, but I'm freaking out.

    Nice to know someone else out there feels like me : )