Friday, March 28, 2014

Flashback Friday - Alaska Memories

Almost 14 years ago, in May 2000, Chris graduated from ASU. Mikelle was on her way. We took off for Alaska.  These are just a few of the pictures. We had so many canisters of film! And then in Juneau, we found out one of the other tourists was going to the Costco there, so we gave him money to get us more film! So the fact there's only 4 pictures is really saying something. 

I found a map online that was pretty close to our route. It didn't include Valdez, so I modified it:

Ports of Calls: Ketchikan  May 16, 2000 Sunrise: 4:36am, 8:49pm
                      Juneau May 17, 2000
                      Sitka May 18, 2000
                      Glaciers; College Fjord: May 19, 2000 Sunrise: 4:32am, 8:57pm          
                      Valdez: May 20, 2000 Sunrise: 4:19am, 8:59pm

Ketchikan, Alaska. Yes, there's Mikelle in the oven....
It's May, it's Misty, it's Green! Ketchikan, Alaska
Outside "Dolly's" - the former Ketchikan brothel. Now a museum.

Snow on Thompson Pass, north of Valdez. Near the Worthington Glacier. And boom...after the pass, it was green and not even raining! Amazing transition.
We flew out of Anchorage on May 21, 2000. It was 50 degrees. 

We flew into Phoenix after 10pm that night. It was still above 100. No comment. It's supposed to be a PG rated blog. 

My heart is up in Alaska! (and British Columbia, and Washington, and Oregon....etc etc...)

Until next time....

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