Saturday, April 27, 2013

Three Eyes, Ferrets and Reptiles...

Since the last couple of entries had some heaviness in it that I don't like to do too much to clog my blog, it's time for some funnies. 

But first, housekeeping. 

I just finished two more custom orders for that gem of a customer who lives near Toronto. I won't show the work in their entirety until I've shipped them off.
This one is for a woman. And of course there are my blingy purple toes.

This is for young man about Mikelle's age.

X-Man found a googly eye and brought it to me. We were goofing off and I put it on my tongue trying to say "tongue has eyeball" (  but in the voice it would make when your tongue has an eyeball stuck to it and your tongue is sticking out) and he would laugh.

I laughed and it kind of spit the eye off my tongue and I'm not kidding - it hit him close range and landed right between his eyes! It was funny watching him look for it for a second not knowing where it landed. I had to take a picture. 

As for some of his other skills, at least when he keeps drawing on the walls (that are just cleaned and/or painted over), his scribbles are in a more pre-schematic stage now.

Speaking of the house, it is tough trying to figure out what to do. We need to be in Wickenburg in ONE YEAR. That way, Mikelle can start high school there and Christian can start fifth grade there. We are still upside down in our house and of course to even rent it out (and sell it someday) there is so much to do. I feel like Atlas again with the world on my shoulders.  However, I'm cranky and overwhelmed and I don't have the strength Atlas had. 

But I said this post wasn't going to be heavy (unlike the house stuff).  Therefore, here we go with some of my favorites:

Not funny, but TRUE!

Back to funny....

I really need a life-size Velocaraptor. 

Not cheese, but I have jumped on top of a stack of mattresses at Costco in just the last couple of months...
I don't know why, but this one below just cracks me up. Plus, it reminds me of a LOT of teachers' meetings. I have to admit, when I was pregnant with Alexander and knew I was going on maternity leave soon, it was nice to be able to say whatever I wanted at these meetings because first, I wasn't going to be there soon, and two, who is going to get mad at a big pregnant hormonal woman?
And I probably posted this here before. It's a classic. I just don't feel like going back in blog history to check.  Plus, it's a funny one to end on. 
The song is in your head now too, huh?

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