Friday, May 10, 2013

May Days

There have been quite a few custom orders in the last couple of weeks. As "teased" in my previous entry, these two are from the return customer who lives Toronto. I hope they enjoy them!

This one below is a Mothers Day gift from a return customer in Mississippi! I do have the scan, but I just sent it out to her, so I'll wait to include the full scan, though the snapshot isn't exactly obstructing much!  It's for the grandmother and it includes the grandchildrens' names on there. What a special gift! I just may make a separate listing on Etsy for something like that!

And this one below (with the clock inside the moon), has a special story behind it. I am truly honored I was part of this gift, but at the same time I'm really nervous and hoped I captured it the way they were hoping!  This was for a lady whose birthday was earlier this month -she was adopted and the adoption was closed so she never knew anything about her birth. Only recently was she was granted info about the time of birth. Her friend wanted to rush order this and make sure the time of her birth was emphasized. I hope they liked it!
Some personal details have been blurred.

As for the fun on the home front, besides Alexander and I getting hit with a stomach bug this week, it's just been end of the school year stuff. 

This entry will focus mostly on Christian as his events that involved pictures seemed to hit one after another. (Mikelle has a Triple Threat/Crew performance coming up, so she'll get her spot light soon enough!...insert maniacal laugh!)

Today was Civil War Dress Up Day for Christian's class. He was one of four proud Lincolns!

Why aren't they smiling? Did anyone smile in those primitive 1860s pictures? Nope.
That's Christian on the far right next to who else? John Wilkes Booth!
The Big Cowboy in the picture is the parent of the Little Cowboy on the far left.
And this has both the Cowboy's parents!
An encore of the four Lincolns!
We did send Christian with a black blazer, but he said it was too big and didn't wear it. I wanted to do a beard for him, but yesterday was the day that I was out of commission with the stomach bug, so that beard just wasn't happening.

Going back in time, last night was Christian's performance for the "Recorder Karate". Let me tell you, if you're trying to recover from a stomach bug and your husband is still at work, going to the performance is quite the feat. However, someone I managed it, and even bugged Christian from the audience by trying to catch a glimpse of him before he ducked back behind the podium. Too bad I didn't have my ultra-zoom lens!

 And going back in time even further, was Christian's art show! They had a fun "photo booth" set up there, so we had to have our fun with that! Plus, that big mouth covers the part of my face that I'm mostly self conscious about! Sweet!
Well, due to technical difficulties with uploading photos, the rest of the art show pictures will have to wait until the next entry. That's okay, I have to go back in time to earlier that week for when we all went out with some friends for my birthday, so it will fit in nicely. 

Until then...toodles!

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