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Geekery Part II, Show re-cap, and an Artist's' Grievances...

"Chompie" is the special class mascot for Christian's class. Every student receives the opportunity to take Chompie home over a weekend. The requirement is to take care of Chompie and keep him away from toddlers, dogs (and in our case, birds). Students are to take pictures of the activities with Chompie and add any mementos or souvenirs. 

Therefore, being that Chris was to go across town (Litchefield Park area...ack...!) and help judge a Science fair at Millennium High School, he took Christian and Chompie with him. (Hence, the science fair pictures in the previous post.  Christian also included Science fair info and copies of some things in the notes and pictures he brought back to school with Chompie)

And while Chompie would have normally come with us to church the following day, it was General Conference weekend. Therefore, that's why there are doughnut pictures (bi-annual tradition...Bosa Donuts! Holy Cow...) and a picture of Chompie watching one of his favorite speakers from Conference. 

Chompie also got to shots with the artwork too. Chris also made sure Zoey didn't hurt Chompie. Christian was nervous, but all was well. All is well...

Botton left is a painting I did of Christian from right before he turned 5...Th painting of Mikelle from when she was 5 (just a coincidence that they were close to the same age in both paintings) is hanging in the hall. It's been posted here before.

And during conference, I caught evidence that Mikelle and Christian love each other. Of course the second picture is what happened when they caught me taking the first picture.

Sugar Does Phoenix and an Artist's Grievances 

Sugar Show: March 29, 2013


This show was a disappointment as far as sales for me. I had high hopes for it. It was
The Venue - The Duce in Downtown Phoenix
more edgy and young. The venue was awesome. It was so retro and vintage. "The Duce" wasn't just a facility trying to look vintage. It actually HAD the vintage items there. I should have taken more pictures around that place. 

I don't think I'm going to do anymore shows for the time being. I'm not writing them off all together, but I'm not going to seek any out and plan any. The time investment and preparation was challenging enough. People like to look at my stuff, but no one buys anything (with very small exceptions). 

I even prepared little mini canvases of my prints and some blocks so there was affordable fun stuff (in addition to the more higher end art) and decor stuff like the blocks. However, it was like the noise Wylie E. Coyote makes as he's falling off a cliff.  Well, it certainly didn't help having a live band in front of my booth 3 different times, so it blocked accesibility, but I digress...

3x3 MIni Canvases - only $3 Each for the Show
4x4 Mini Canvases - Only $5 each for the show!
I know I seem dramatic, but aside from the financial aspect, it's the time away from my kids that concerns me. It was Good Friday, so they were off from school. And Alexander was a little tired of me not being very 'engaged' with his toddler needs for a few days (the days leading up were pretty crazy in preparation). 

It would have been one thing to stress out over all the preparation, money and time if all that hard work yielded some positive exposure (there were some magazines coming around with contests to do spreads and highlights on artists) and breaking even or making a small profit, but none was the case.  So yes, I'm still a little cranky about it and feel guilty as a Mom. 

I'm not blaming anyone or anything per se. Sometimes things click and all the planets align, and other times, they don't and there's no rhyme or reason. 

I will say this though. Phoenix doesn't have much of a market or many art patrons out to discover art and think "outside the box" as opposed to other areas, unless you include the trendy places like Scottsdale and Sedona. However, those areas have more an appeal to those who are from other parts of the country and they're into the the whole cowboy and southwest art (NOT my cup of tea. I throw in some local flair to my art, because this is where I'm unfortunately sentenced, but I don't get into the whole genre).

 I look at my Etsy site and my sales have mostly came from elsewhere (especially that awesome customer near Toronto!): California, Mississippi, Colorado, Vermont, Virginia, New Mexico and other states.  

This doesn't really have anything to do with the Sugar Show, but on a local level, I would have thought my temple art would resonate with people (or in the Idaho-Utah-Arizona LDS core areas).  However, not many are interested in displaying the House of the Lord in a more unique manner.  But they are okay going to Deseret Book and just buying "some run of the mill" temple picture.  And some of Deseret Book's temple art is beautiful, but if you want jacked up prices, check out those!

There are exceptions, of course. My local friends Billie, Theresa, Missy and Jen (just to name a few!) have taste with their temple art. (haha...I know, I'm being a brat right now. But this is my blog and while I try to keep it even keel for the most part, sometimes you have to vent....) And I do have some other loyal local followers that I appreciate immensely.

Custom Mesa, Temple Motif to a local Etsy Customer! I hope the couple loved it!
Salt Lake Temple
My favorite Temple Motif so far...San Diego Temple

Others don't want to pay the price (no matter what Custom originals I do, LDS specific or not). 

What they don't realize is the time invested into it, and I make sure they get much more than they pay for.  I am not over-charging, and I'll give a discount most of the time if asked (or I'll even offer it up front) because I am more loyal to their willingness to hire me than I am to make a lot of money. Building a rapport, reputation and following is more important to me than making a fast buck on each customer. 

In fact, I've been told by many that I under-charge. I understand if they can't afford it. That's another issue all together. But it's something else if they want something, but then not want to pay what it takes to get it. If you want your house painted or carpets cleaned, you have to pay for the time and work involved, right? It's the same thing with any customized work.  

I think of the guy locally a few days ago that had an angry beehive that he knew was dangerous to himself and neighbors. He called out a service and got a quote but didn't like the price. He attempted to remove it himself.  Well, when he tried to remove it himself, they swarmed and three children (two young teens and an 18 month old baby!) and a family dog ended up getting stung multiple times. Paramedics were involved, and yes, everyone is going to be okay. The point I'm making is certain services cost money! Sometimes the price isn't pleasant, but good people will make sure you're satisfied and the result will be a positive one (no one getting stung). I would like to think I'm one of those people. 

However, while I showed an example of one of customized work at the Sugar Show, the majority of my inventory were prints (and as a sidenote, I didn't have any temple prints at the show. The show was for a much different demographic. There  may have been some in my basket of prints people can look through, but I didn't have any on display...)

 In fact, the only items that were "high end" were the ones hanging above, because all three of them are large originals with the frames included.

Pictures from the Sugar Show, in no particular order:

My large pieces hung above my booth.

Smaller items displayed around my booth. The Owl Collage DID Sell...!

Beautiful paintings from other artists on display. Love these colors!

Jessica Melrose, Tucson Artist

My Sign

Collages and a small Original of a Black and White Motif Design

"You're Never Too Tall for Heels"
I seriously don't get why my "You're Never Too Tall for Heels" didn't sell  (I had the original available for 25% less than I would normally sell it for). It was an Art AND Fashion show, for crying out loud! 

But moving along...
The booth "next door" Her stuff is phenomenal!

A few booths down. She livesi n Tucson. Love the relection on the cat painting!

Another one of the booth next door.

Yes, more of the booth next door.

The Original of my Great Wave Tribute, a Print of the "Day of the Dead", A print of my Owl Motif, and another B&W Motif Original

My dream blocks. I'm shocked they didn't sell as well. But I love having them displayed on the piano here at home.

My favorite from the booth next door. I would love to get a bunch of her stuff and throw a huge Halloween party every year with this stuff all over the place!

Very large painting above the bleachers. Chris loved this one.

My $1.50 Affordable Postcards and another Owl Print

"Sugar Guys" setting up!

Sugar Table

Sugar Dude

My "Question of Time" Original hanging above with my favorite color bulb lights (Target, baby!)

Fun Art on Display...This would be great in a home with high cielings!

Love this one...Text as the Rain. Loved the Colors!

A Fun Collage from Another Artist Great message in it!

My Wish Blocks (with affordable min-prints hanging up behind on display)

Yes, it's an abrupt ending again, but life duties call. 

Until next time...

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