Tuesday, April 9, 2013


The Sugar Show was Easter weekend. I have a lot of pictures to post, but I'll do that in the next entry. There is a lot of "housekeeping" items to catch up on first.I'm probably not going to catch up on them on this entry either. Grrrrr.....

I have so many Circle Motif and Collage related projects I want to do, but I'm going to dedicate April for the most part to some household projects and catching up on Scrapbooking.  

Wait, that was until I got two new custom orders today. Yay! Those do take priority, but I will keep scrapbooking out too so I can try to do them in tandem, so to speak. And the custom orders are from the same customer in Canada...so it's a big deal that she instills so much faith in me after that one...incident. I'd link it if you're not familiar with it, but the "incident" is still too painful and recent for me to do so. 

April is in full force and by my definition, it's really the last month that guarantees that despite the increased warmth outside, you can still go outside once in awhile. Our current piano bench is falling apart, and it's very 80s looking (blech), so it's time to change that.  Since this is the last month until at least October that conditions out of the garage would be close to favorable, the bench has to be re-finished now.

(note: The music of the 80s was the best by far. However, the fashions and furniture styles left much to be desired)

 I sought out a new bench at various garage sale and online outlets. I lucked out and a nice lady

in my neighborhood was selling a beautiful antique piano bench. She usually re-finishes them herself and I asked her to quote me a price for it finished, but her wrist was injured, so she sold it to me unfinished. 

As I said before, being that summer is screaming in our face, that I have to get the thing finished out in the garage now, or it won't happen. I opted for a fun Indigo blue stain (no, the below picture isn't some advertisement. It's just the stain I found that I liked)

Chris doesn't like that I'm not keeping a traditional wood color, but that's okay. I'm around to keep things less boring than typical wood colors and white walls.  It's not like I'm staining the piano itself the blue too. Wait...that may be cool! No, no. No. Just the bench. Just the bench, Jill. 

When it's done, I'll post a picture. But I'm on the clock because the other bench is falling apart fast!

So where does the Geekery come in? 

Well, last month when Mikelle and Chris went to the Ren Fen (Renaissance Festival), Chris originally put on his 16th Century garb and Mikelle freaked out and told him not to wear it. He insisted they get a few pictures together first before he changed.

So as a joke, he changed into his Blue classic Star Trek shirt. Mikelle said, 'Yeah, that's better!" Therefore, he wore it. And you wouldn't believe the picture Chris sent me from the entrance/parking lot area of the fair. 

I guess it is plausible that Dr. Who went to the 16th Century. There is probably an episode about it. However, I doubt the episode has a member of Star Fleet in it. Well, The Big Bang Theory does.  Sort of.  Well, it doesn't have the Tardis in it.  Anyway....

Sheldon Cooper as a visiting Vulcan at the Renaissance Fair on Big Bang Theory
And that thing that Sheldon is holding? Chris has one. He brought it with them to the Ren Fen. I am not kidding. I don't have a picture. I should, but I don't. Things were a little hectic that morning when they left, so I didn't get the picture. And he's not holding it in front of the Tardis.  Turns out, Mikelle hid the device somewhere int he car. I guess she got the same issues with it that she did with his original Renaissance outfit. 

Just a cute picture from last week that isn't really part of this, but wanted to post anyway.

Yeah, this one too.

Chompie and Christiam playing Wii

Chompie early in the morning with a Donut

Chompie at the Science Fair across town that Chris and Christian helped judge.

Chompie with a Homemade Rocket Ship from the Science Fair

Chompie with a Buttermilk Bar from Bosa Donuts

Who is Chompie, you may ask? I'll get to him in the next post. Haha. I know if I end here, I'll HAVE to come back quickly for the necessary closure. You don't post weird pictures of a little alligator toy without some sort of explanation. Well, I don't.

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