Monday, March 25, 2013

Face Palm

We survived Spring Break, but I feel my brain has been fried. Plus, I did two stupid things and they occurred two days in a row. I forgot two events/appointments. It's one thing to have a lapse once in awhile, but twice in two days? 

I really beat myself up over these kinds of lapses because competence is really important to me. It drives me crazy when people say they'll do something and then not do it. And here I did it two days in a row. 

In fact, yesterday in Primary there was a fun "Time Machine" set up for Sharing Time. I said, "Oh good. Can I go back to Thursday? If I can re-do Friday and Saturday, that would be sweeeet!" 

On the subject of the Primary Time Machine, later I asked Christian about it. 

Me: So cool, they had a Time Machine in Primary today, huh?
Christian: It was fake.

(face palm)

And this basically sums up Mikelle's Spring Break. Well, Zoey's involvement doesn't, but the kitchen table location and Mikelle in front of the laptop certainly does. I call it MindCRACK.

 Sure, it's actually called Minecraft, but if you're the least bit familiar with the popularity of this game, you'll know why I give it the name I do. 

Could this intimidate her to stop playing Minecraft?
Ohhh....she's brave...
Or she is THAT addicted...
At least on Saturday Chris and Mikelle went on a Daddy/Daughter date to the Renaissance Festival. I was hoping Chris could talk her into having her hair braided all pretty at the Renaissance Festival, but instead, she came home with this:

And here are the completed collages. I am crossing my fingers that I can have one more finished by Friday (The Sugar Show). 

The Owl one turned out busier than I anticipated and the darker parts on the scan don't do it justice. Those areas are a dark pink/glittery area that doesn't "translate" well on a scan or photograph.   They just look like areas that are too dark. 

Therefore, I don't know how well the option of having "prints" of it available will turn out. 

"We Love the Nightlife" Mixed Media on Canvas: Patterned Paper, Drawings, Maps, Ribbon, Glitter, Watermedia

"You're Never Too Tall For Heels" Mixed Media on Canvas: Patterned Paper, Drawings, Maps, Ribbon, Glitter, Watermedia

 Until Next Time...

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