Saturday, March 16, 2013

Three Things in a Teacup

Yesterday, 3/15, was the designated "Family Celebration" day for Christian's birthday. He originally wanted to do some more outdoorsy things, such as the Goldfield Ghost Town near Lost Dutchman State park (beautiful!), and you'd think in MARCH, we would be able to do that!

However, being that the Devil paid his heating bill early (he must have gotten a nice Tax Refund), summer-like temps had already invaded here in Hell. Therefore, we went to Amazing Jake's in Mesa.  Amazing Jake's is basically a huge indoor over-stimulating cacophony of kid craziness.  

Therefore, the kids loved it. 

I was in the old person parent camp of "get me out of here".  I was also still sick, so that didn't help. And Amazing Jakes has a great deal with food.  Included with admission is an all you can eat buffet. If you have the metabolism of my offspring (like I did back when Arizona was only one area code) that kind of spread is heavenly. However, for me it's pure torture. Despite all the extra aerobic classes I've attended this week considering Mikelle can watch Alexander, I don't think it will help what the food situation at Amazing Jakes brought on.

Amazing Jake's is actually just a stone-throw away from the apartment Chris and I lived in for about a year and half   (and the first place we lived that had a full size washer and dryer! That is like the Holy Grail to me). I was sad to move out of that apartment in late 1997. However, Chris had to concentrate more on finishing school (we were both going to school and continued to do so, but he had to step it up a bit), so we had to make some interesting moves between then and late 1998 when we finally moved to the student housing at ASU East (now known as ASU Polytech). 

Anyway, that was another squirrel. Back to yesterday.

As I mentioned already, I was still sick so I forgot our good camera and when Alexander looked absolutely adorable riding the carousal with his Daddy, we also discovered Chris's phone was dead, so no camera abilities there. It's okay. There are so many adorable pictures of X-man, you'd think he was a first born. 

We finally commandeered Mikelle's I-pod camera for these shots on the teacups:

As I mentioned above, I'm still sick. I thought I was getting better a week ago, but it quickly all came back. I still pushed through all my Aerobic classes. However, my voice was shot and by the end of each day my throat would feel so swollen and I could barely speak at all.

I hadn't gone to the doctor because in the past, if I wasn't running a fever, I would be sent away with a "sorry...jut wait it out." Let me tell you, I was thrilled with that considering the $30 co-pay just to hear that by the end.

However, this time, maybe since I came in with this still going on for 10 days, he gave me a prescription for an antibiotic. Let's see how that pans out! It would be nice to stop coughing and popping cough/throat drops and Ibuprofen all the live long day. Last night after we arrived home from Amazing Jakes I fell asleep early. I never do that. I found Chris and Alexander on the couch around 3am. 

Back to the Saturday "omigosh...will someone please clean this up!" kind of fun.

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