Saturday, March 9, 2013

Too Sick to Think of a Title

We've had a lovely winter storm come through. This one is a love/hate thing for me because while I'm grateful we received the reprieve from the mean sun and heat, it's clear that winter is over after this system. The Devil is wasting no time paying his heating bill and sending the death rays down this way.

If that wasn't enough, I began to get sick on Thursday with a horrible sore throat and achy thing. This resulted in that I wasn't able to enjoy this weather like I had planned.  Instead, I was mostly inside. 

Today, as a matter of fact, was an annual zoo event for Chris's work and I was so happy it would be in the 50s and cloudy. However, I was so sick, Chris took the kids by himself. I am so sad I missed a family day at the zoo and with the perfect weather.  It was Alexander's first zoo outing too. :-(  For some reason, we missed it last year. I think it had something to do with Christian's birthday.

And last week, we had a picnic over in Glendale for Chris's work and it was way too warm (already over 80!) with limited shade. (By the way, I showed the kids where Alice Cooper went to High School - Cortez High on Dunlap. Then, going home, we drove over to Sunnyslope and I showed the kid where their Grammy went to High School - Sunnyslope High which is also on Dunlap. Maybe that's why my mom didn't like Alice Cooper. They went to rival high schools. Oh, and true story - I was driving by Cortez High School some 8 years ago or something and "School's Out" came on the radio. I kid you not...Okay, Squirrel!)

Anyway, back to the topic at hand....Of course I was well for that work outing last week, but not for this perfect weather and zoo outing today. I know I'm being whiny, but I'm sick and in pain each time I swallow or cough or breathe, so I'm not quite in the condition to be sitting here writing. However, I'm tired of laying around.

This illness triggers a strange combination of memories for me. About 6 years ago I had my tonsils taken out. It's not something you want to do in your adulthood, trust me. The recovery was crazy and it took about 2 weeks. I didn't really hit a corner until Day 9. However, after that, I wasn't bombarded with constant strep infections and high fevers like I was before then.  Once the hard part was over, it was worth it. 

However, this sore throat thing I'm dealing with now is reminiscent of the recovery process from that surgery. I don't have a fever, but all the other problems are there: intense throat pain, impossible swallowing, and ear pain. And reminiscent of the strep infections, I have the achiness and exhaustion. 

I don't know what this is, and I don't like it. 

Plus, I feel guilty being in bed or lying around. Chris is insisting that I stay down, but how can you stay down when you know the house is falling apart around you? I'm sorry, but you can't just switch the "Mom" part of us off. You can tell her to lie down, but it doesn't mean she's going to relax. 

This post was originally to show my Spring and Easter blocks, but there a few last minute details on the Easter ones. The Spring ones are posted on Etsy, however. 

Also, recently completed and posted on Etsy is my "Love" Piece. It's just a fun simple message of Love. It can apply to Valentines Day or all year long of course. This was a fun one to do because it was simple and I didn't have to worry about the details as much. 

LOVE - Detail

LOVE - Original in Frame
I was also able to get some matting picked up on the Four Seasons in order to get ready for the upcoming Sugar Show.

Four Seasons in Frame
Tune in soon, for the Spring and Easter Blocks.

And because I don't feel well, some goofy pictures. 

One of  my Favorites. I need to blast the song!

Hey, I didn't authorize that picture of me!

And to understand the full hilarity of the last picture below, check out the news story (click on it). Let's just say, if you insist you get what you ask for, don't be angry when you finally receive it!

U.K. Police Write Witness Statement in Character of Peach the Dog

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