Monday, March 11, 2013

A Squirrel Post

This is a Squirrel post in that I'm kind of all over the place in this entry.

I'm feeling better today, but my voice is shot and I did have to resort to more "low-impact" moves in my return to aerobics this morning (being that the illness made me miss two in a row! grrrr) 

Anyway, I knew I was feeling better yesterday because while my throat still hurt and I was all stuffy, tired and phlegm-like , I had energy to do something about the house. And at 7am! And yes, I was a little passive aggressive (a little passive aggressive? Me? Never!) in that I vacuumed the hall outside Mikelle's door while she was still asleep.  Hey, she had to be getting up anyway.

Anyway, I posted my Spring Blocks before, but here they are WITH the Easter examples. 

And seriously, can Alexander please STOP being so cute? It's really making things difficult when he's acting like a butthead. I don't want to create a monster here, but you can see why it's a challenge:

He insisted to wear Mikelle's Fedora to bed. He loves hats!

Wait for it...



I can never get tired of going to their concerts! I am so jazzed! The last one was August 2009. That was my 7th one. This October will be numero ocho

1998 Singles Tour...RAWR!
I think my favorite one so far was their December 1998 Singles Show (left). Still, their concerts do NOT disappoint. Christian is major DM fan, but I don't think he should go with us. He expressed interest, but I am concerned with some of their content. Not the lyrics per se, but more the stage "visuals". Some DM concerts would have been fine, but others? Not so much. I don't want to take a chance with him coming with us.  It'll most likely be Fall Break too, which makes bringing him with us more of a temptation. However, It would just be my luck that it's one of the more edgy and racy concerts compared to others. Oy.

But I do want to keep his "Devotion" to Depeche Mode alive!  They'll be on Letterman tonight. I'll watch it of course and make sure to DVR it for him. 

More to do for the Sugar show and the whole "Wife and Mom" thing. Toodles!

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