Sunday, March 17, 2013

Birthday Slideshow

 9 Years Ago earliest baby and only non-induction baby arrived at 10:17am. He was 37 weeks and 6 Days. He was also my largest at 8 pounds 1 ounce. Who would have guessed? 

He made me the LUCKIEST mom on a LUCKYday! 

I was at my wit's end because I was in so much pain from so many pregnancy complications. I was counting the days to 38 weeks when I would finally receive my "mercy induction". That would have been March 19th. However, earlier at an appointment on the 16th I learned that I wouldn't go in for the induction until late at night on the 19th. I was in tears. There was so much ripping and burning pain in my abdomen...just to the left of my belly button. I can't describe the pain accurately, only in that the worse it was as I sat up or walked. If I lied down or reclined, the pain subsided somewhat, but by the time the baby was fully developed, the pain was too much to endure. 

I couldn't take it anymore. 

And then the St. Patrick's Day miracle came!

Age 3 Weeks - Easter Sunday April 11, 2004. MIkelle was 3 1/2 years old.
And now, 9 years later...

Quest for the perfect Birthday/St.Patricks Picture...Take 1...
Take 2?
Take 3?
What were we trying to do?
Success! And with Irish dancing!
Big Dude and Little Dude (Inside Joke)
"I had a T-shirt on that said, It's  my Birthday! What happened to it? Great, mom is going to make me wear it for a picture tomorrow..."
Opening the fun...
Awesome! Light-up Legos!

"Yes! This is like my First Birthday, only it's not my birthday and I'm going to town here with this cupcake!"
Mmmm....Oreo Cupcake

Happy Birthday Christian! 
(and yes, that birthday T-shirt picture will be taken quickly!)

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